Paper Sculpture and Autumn Paper Craft DIYs

You have to love a paper artist with a sense of humor. After wrangling similar weeds in my garden all summer long, it's no wonder Natasha Frisch's paper twin appeals to me. I much prefer it to the real thing!

paper sculpture weed

I was introduced to her paper sculpture via Upon a Fold [edit: site no longer available] and was inspired to look further. In this case, Natasha depicted the thorny side of life as part of an exhibition, but it's just the smallest sample of what she skillfully replicates with plain white paper. From 3D ladders to fences, window bars to venetian blinds, Natasha's paper clones are incredibly precise and quite frankly, astonishing.

Here's a little collection of autumn and Halloween tutorials that caught my eye around the interwebs recently...

Autumn DIY Collage

1. 75 gift wrap ideas 2. Candy corn bunting templates 3. Vintage Halloween printables 4. Pretty pumpkin decoupage 5. Gold leaf paper mache bowls 6. Batty treat boxes

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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