Halloween Paper Cuttings

Scherenschnitte artist Nancy Michalak of Cumberland, Maine often cuts idyllic scenes of small children cavorting in nature - for instance, this Fab Friday springtime sheep scene.
halloween, paper cutting, witches
Four Witches Marching

With Halloween approaching, it's the perfect time to showcase some of the spookier images from her vast array of paper cuttings.

halloween, paper cutting, black cats
Winter Moon with Two Cats Watching

Nancy's designs have been widely exhibited throughout the United States, and are especially popular with visitors to Salem, Massachusetts, home of the unfortunate Salem Witch Trials that took place in 1692.

halloween, paper cutting, raven
The Raven

In the New Jersey town where I grew up, we went trick or treating in the afternoon. Boo! Definitely not as eerie as being out after dark, but still, good memories.

halloween, paper cutting, witches, cauldron
Witches at the Cauldron

Nancy kindly sent me some of her greeting cards to see firsthand. Though the scenes are dark and scary at first glance, the lovely colors and small figures are a sweet nod to Halloween.

Can't you just imagine the pounding hearts of these little ones? But if there's candy being handed out on the other side of that gate, the anxiety will be worth it!

halloween, paper cutting, witches
Don't Be Scared

Paper cut prints, greeting cards, and necklace pendants are available in the Nancy Michalak Etsy shop and at FineArtAmerica.

All Things Paper is an Etsy affiliate.

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Ann Martin

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  1. Those are really amazing. I love the winter moon one.

  2. To me the pictures look like characters on a stage.amazing work.

  3. These pictures are just wonderful. I love them.

  4. I love Nancy's cut paper art. It feel vintage and nostalgic to me. I like that it's just a little bit spooky too. How fun to see her darker images. Her etsy shop is definitely one of my favorite ones.


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