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Have you heard of The Rekindled Page? With more than 5000 sales since opening just a year and a half ago, Etsy shop owner Deidra Gist hardly needs me trumpeting the cool things she makes. However, I can't help but share the night lights that combine repurposed electrical boxes and vintage book pages.


Spiderman in all his vivid glory is just one example; there are many more designs... I was torn between him and another with hot air balloons floating over the Eiffel Tower and oh, about 80 other choices. I really like the starburst pattern that's created when light shines through the access holes on the sides. The image is sandwiched between two acrylic panels that protect and magnify it.

Deidra also creates upcycled book art that she cleverly describes as "hip designs with vintage flair". You'll find a selection of more than 500 images printed with archival ink on book pages, usually from old dictionaries. It's fascinating to me that the page text shows through the rich, translucent color to great effect.

The Rekindled Page is on Facebook too.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are. Here in the northeast there's still lots of clean-up going on after Sandy's wrath, but rumor has it the sun will finally return today; looking forward to it!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. This is really such a clever idea. I enjoyed going through her shop.

  2. I love the Alice in Wonderland print. Fantastic when framed
    Ordering another set


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