Vintage Altered Books as Home Decor

Benjamin Wieler of Toronto, Canada is not your ordinary vintage book seller. In addition to pages and pages of title listings in his Etsy shop, bookBW, you'll find a thoughtfully curated selection of art objects that he creates from discarded books.

folded book page stars with black thread stitched centers


For example, origami is combined with hand embroidery to form an imaginary paper star constellation.

folded book page stars constellation on wall


He made this coptic-stitched artist journal using a variety of softly colored papers as the pages.

string art handmade journal


With the holidays on the horizon, Benjamin's clever origami snowman and personalized wreath will add to the merriment.

folded paper snowman

Remove the twig arms and snowflakes for an elegant year-round topiary.

folded paper wreath with antlers as wall art
 (shucks, antlers not included)

Benjamin's background in print and textile design is evident in each piece he creates. 

string art constellation wall art


For his Constellation series, Benjamin cut paths of text from Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre to form stars that mingle with spirographic string art. Fitting, because the timeless story tells of single people who find each other and stitch together their own family.


folded book geometric cogs
Elegant, folded paper cogs

This hand drawn silhouette of Jane Austen was created from mitered pages taken from a vintage edition of Pride and Prejudice.

framed vintage book silhouette of Jane Austen

For those who prefer a splash of color, Benjamin makes fun star gardens from illustrated books. Here, flowers and butterflies were folded using pages of a Sleeping Beauty Golden book, dipped in wax, attached to bamboo stems, and displayed in a pine base. He also does custom design... perhaps have him transform a beloved book from your childhood.

origami folded star garden made of colorful illustrated book pages


Benjamin Wieler's website and bookBW Etsy shop.

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  1. Thank you Ann for this terrific feature.
    I'm so pleased!
    Cheers, Benjamin

  2. These are just fabulous. I love the stars with the embroidery and the cogs are very cool and so is that snowman

  3. I love the snowman and the wreath. How neatly folded.

  4. All projects are unique ...especially like the silhouette!
    Paper Hugs,

  5. Oh, how beautiful. I love that he uses vintage papers to make these paper masterpieces. Yes, great for holiday decorating.


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