Quilled Autumn Leaves by Victoria Brewer of VB Pure Designs

Some people are just so creative... Victoria Brewer of England captures autumn color at its finest with these graceful quilled leaves.


She works with orange, yellow, and gilded red paper and damar, an adhesive plant resin from the meranti tree, to create oak, sweet chestnut, and Japanese maple leaves. I can picture them sparkling and swaying in the breeze as one passes by.

See more of Victoria's quillwork at VB Pure Designs on Etsy.

Speaking of quilling, The New York Times Style Magazine featured a densely quilled version of its iconic T logo in last Sunday's edition. A collaborative effort led by Sherry Rodehaver of the North American Quilling Guild, the design features a variety of colorful flowers and a lifelike butterfly created by Sherry and four members of the organization. What a beautiful way to introduce quilling to a wide audience. See a close up photo of Second Nature on the T Magazine website.

It's nearly the weekend... have a good one!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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