Modern Quilled Holiday Decorations

I have quite the color coordinated post today. An Etsy email caught my eye... in it was a photo of these vintage-style Christmas light ornaments made of quilling paper. I clicked over to the shop and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

quilled vintage holiday light ornaments and pine cones

No, not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. Instead, I spied this retro cone tree that's covered with two shades of vivid red coils on a white paint and silver glitter surface. So 70s!

 retro red quilled Christmas tree

Gina Gallisa of San Francisco recently opened Noir Blanc Productions [edit: the shop is now closed] as an outlet for her playful work. I asked about her introduction to quilling and amazingly it was the very same Martha Stewart Living magazine article back in February 2002 that headed quite a few of us down the quilling path.

Gina said, "I instantly liked the texture that quilling created. It was so visually stimulating for me. I then noticed it wasn't really popular here like it was in the middle east and eastern Europe; that got me more interested in it. Pritesh Ananth Krishnan and her blog Quilling Me Softly was also a huge inspiration. I started to see that I was more interested in the technique of quilling. So as I worked as a floral designer/event planner, my mind just started running with ideas of how I could take the texture of quilling paper and design things to be more modern and out of the box."

four quilled bento box ornaments made of red, green, and white paper strips

Except Gina has made things and put them in boxes! I kid; she only does that with these cute bento box ornaments... she was inspired to make them because she's into preparing Japanese bento boxes for her son's lunches.

For those of you who love touches of neon, Gina often quills with super-bright colors. In fact, her shop was featured in I'm Dreaming of a Neon Christmas [edit: post no longer available] on the blog Bonjour Berry. But rather than change the mood of this turquoise and red post, here's one last photo. I think this grouping of painted and decorated paper maché cone trees is my very favorite of Gina's designs so far... I love the stark branches and berries!

trio of tall quilled holiday trees

I look forward to new collections she'll be adding to Noir Blanc Productions [edit: the shop is now closed] in the coming months... Cherry Blossom & Quince in early January, Valentines in mid-January, and Easter and Passover designs in mid-February. Gina's goal is to push the envelope on traditional colors and textures to create stylish and modern decorations for every holiday.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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