Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paper Pretties for Christmas

Friends and family know how much I like paper crafts and sometimes surprise me with special things they find. A girlfriend sent these two cards that are true keepers... I love to get them out each Christmas.

This beauty folds flat and with just a simple twist becomes a layered, clear globe perched on a pearlized cardboard stand. Santa is ready to leave the North Pole with his pack full of toys...

Snow Globe

and he's off... sailing over rooftops! The glossy card also arrived flat, but opens into a 3D diorama. Both are from Up With Paper.

3D Christmas Card

My mother-in-law gifted me with this pierced paper angel several years ago. I don't know who made the sweet thing, but her head is a painted wooden ball and she's wearing a ribbon halo and a twisted rope perm. :)

Pierced Paper Angel

Last year around this time I mentioned a lovely (and free - how nice!) collection of printable winter birds designed by illustrator Becca Kallem. I decided to make a batch as gift tags...

Winter Bird Printables 
Winter Bird Gift Tags
Winter Bird Printables 

My printer was running out of ink, but I actually like the way the colors turned out. I just printed on copy paper and used a glue stick to mount them on cardstock. They could be hung as tree ornaments too.

Winter Bird Gift Tags

And speaking of gift giving, Ez of Creature Comforts recently shared a fantastic array of printable wrapping paper and tags, as did Clémence of Oh the lovely things... you'll find paper pretties for everyone on your list!


  1. I thought the first card to be a snow globe was utterly surprised to know it was a card !! Fabulous !

  2. I got one of those snowglobe cards in the post this morning! I love it!

  3. The snowglobe looks amazing. and the angel looks adorable.They sure are gifts to cherish for ever.

  4. I love the paper toys and pop up cards that you've gotten through out the years. Yes, they are keepsakes! Wonderful collection.

    Those winter birds as gift tags are perfect. I like it when you have happy accidents and sometimes things turn out unexpectedly better like with your printer running out of ink.


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