Miniature Origami Jewelry by Catmation

Miniature origami models never fail to amaze me... not that I come across ones as tiny as these all that often. Few would have the patience to do what Gill Pyke of Brisbane, Australia has mastered so perfectly. This quirky atlas beetle was folded from a one inch vintage postage stamp with the help of tweezers and a toothpick, yet she has made even smaller ones!

Miniature origami beetle

In her Catamation Etsy shop intro, Gill explains that she has been passionate about origami since childhood, along with drawing and painting, printmaking, photography, and animation... all of which she does today. In fact, Gill describes herself as a digital illustrator/animator/designer by day and an analogue artist by night.

She is into steampunk and marries it beautifully with origami. I'm admiring the metallic sheen on the wings of this dragonfly hair barrette with copper chains.

Origami Steampunk Dragonfly Barrette

Gill enjoys the challenge of recreating the beauty of the natural world by folding specialty papers that have a high percentage of recycled content. Sometimes she experiments with found papers from secondhand stores and flea markets.

Her little Yoda pin is a popular one... just over an inch tall, he's made from hand painted metallic paper and coated with four layers of epoxy varnish.

Origami Yoda Pin

This metallic wrapping paper, 3D skull brooch is Gill's most complex model to date and is reminiscent of The Terminator. Just over an inch tall, it took about two hours to fold.

origami steampunk skull

Another fierce-looking beetle pin... this fellow is composed of black and bronze papers and measures a little over two inches in length.

bronze and black origami beetle brooch

Find Catamation on Etsy and Facebook, and a great little interview with Gill on Kommoner - Upcycled and Recycled Craft.

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  1. Origami yoda created by Fumiaki Kawahata. Copyright violation.....

  2. origami skull by Hojyo Takashi .... another copyright violation.....

    1. Anonymous, Gill is well aware of copyright and is careful to go through proper channels with her work.

  3. I have never seen miniature origami with so much detail before. I have always wondered how it is done. Enjoyed visiting her shop.

  4. Wow. I can't believe how intricate and small her origami art is! Tweezers and toothpicks! Amazing. Added her shop to my favorites.

  5. And I have problems completing a traditional origami crane, for heaven's sake! These creations by Gill are astounding!

  6. I looked over this post the other day and was pretty impressed by what I seen, but didn't really take the time to read it as I was doing other things at the same time. I just reread the intro and first thing through my mind was "excuse me?!" I cannot believe that she created that beetle out of a 1"vintage postage stamp. Dear God, she is amazing!


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