Hermes Store Windows Feature Quilling

Let it be said Best Window Displays is a lovely place to fritter away time.

Quilled Mushrooms and Luxury Items in a Dutch Hermès Store Window Display

It's where Hermès windows decorated with quilled mushrooms were spotted.

 quilled mushroom detail

Quilled Mushrooms and Luxury Items in an Hermès Store Window Display

Created by Belgian artists, the colorful scenes were located in Dutch department store de Bijenkorf last winter.

Quilled Mushrooms in an Hermès Store Window Display

And a little something else from nature... Alison Lang, a Seattle area graphic artist and letterpress designer wondered what to do with strips of cover weight paper that resulted from a card trimming session. She wound up creating this collection of sweet silhouettes.

quilled white paper nature silhouette collage

I spy a hummingbird sipping nectar, blue jay, trees, perhaps an ice floe, and this dear owl.

paper sculpture owl

Perhaps only another paper lover would understand the satisfaction of spending an afternoon in such a pursuit.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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