Japanese Paper Sculpture - Kogami Craft

Yoko Kogami of Kogami Craft is a talented paper artist and illustrator in Japan. I'm delighted to share her work today... not only does she quill beautifully, but her paper sculptures are exquisite.


Yoko was originally a graphic designer in Tokyo. She has been working independently since 2008, designing projects for media companies, magazines, and books.

Oh so popular succulents

Edible delights

Even the box is perfect!

Yoko is a creative advisor for Botanical Quilling Japan, another pretty site to check out if you have the time. She told me that her first quilling project was to make the herb kit offered by Lake City Crafts... it started her down the path of replicating nature with paper. Often she uses markers to color paper for a realistic effect.

These sunflowers look positively real!

Lastly, an example of Yoko's delicate quilling... what a lovely color transition in this floral piece.


See more examples at Kogami Craft.

And speaking of quilling, here's a most interesting video of a recent Antiques Roadshow quilling segment in which a coat of arms that dates back to the early 1700s was featured. You won't believe its value!

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Ann Martin

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  1. she does awesome works, love them, thanks for sharing !!!

  2. those plants look so real! Her use of colour is just amazing

  3. They all look so real !I would never have guessed they are made from paper. Especially the food on the plate. Her quilling looks like a dream.

  4. Amazing, I can't believe how real they all look!

  5. fabulous paper sculptures and I especially like the potted succulents

  6. I am wowed! There are some amazing artists among us!

  7. I'm both humbled by her talent and excited to try the white-to-color motif myself! Thanks for posting, Ann!

  8. love the lotus and the food looks so real! thanks for introducing us the wonderful paper crafter!

  9. Oh my, the food! I never thought of quilling food! Though that food's not really quilled, is it? Still, it's all gorgeous!

    1. Hi Saskia, I spy a few quilled items in the mix, but you're right, mainly it's paper sculpture (and yes, gorgeous!)

  10. Happy Birthday to the video lady, indeed! American made quilling of the past centuries is worth more than British quilling...WOW, such an interesting video!!!!TFS
    The paper crafting here is wonderful...such an enjoyable post....thank you Ann!


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