Paper Cuttings - Nature and Love-Inspired by DreamPapercut

Dmytro and Iuliia of DreamPapercut are a young couple in Kyiv, Ukraine who make paper cuttings in universal themes... objects of beauty, nature-inspired, and expressions of love. Their photographs are as beautiful as the silhouettes!


Each piece is painstakingly hand cut from a single sheet of paper and depending on complexity, takes several hours to several days to complete.


I asked Dmytro and Iuliia to tell us how they got their start as paper cutters. They replied that their story began when each attended classes in painting, drawing, and paper craft as children. Dmytro and Iuliia studied at university, not in artistic fields, but all the while remained interested in creativity.

Making a greeting card with hand cut elements for a friend’s birthday was a step that led them to the realization that art was meant to be an important part of their lives. A strong interest in paper cutting took root and they taught themselves to cut silhouettes from purchased, printed images. The work you see in this feature, however, are several that Dmytro and Iuliia designed with Photoshop.


Some of their paper cuttings can be customized, such as initials on the balloon above. For the bird's nest, a couple's names and wedding date can be added and even the number of eggs can be adjusted - sweet!  

Find DreamPapercuts on Etsy and Facebook.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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