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Few things say spring like birds and playful pinwheels... in this case, origami crane necklaces in pretty pastels and a designer paper pinwheel made by Vixie Dean of London. I'm not usually one to wish away time, but I'll happily bid goodbye to winter months here in the northern hemisphere. Warm, breezy days? Bring 'em on!



She is a recent Fine Art graduate who loves glitter and shine... many of the feminine trinkets offered in her shop Jazzy Menagerie sparkle in a lighthearted way.


Her hand drawn, shrink plastic cranes are reminiscent of origami diagrams and would be perfect for young folding enthusiasts. She used eight different colors of Swarovski crystals to make this necklace because the number 8 is lucky in Japan.

Vixie was inspired by these tiny paper cranes in a globe made by Kelly Farrell of Everything Tiny. I can understand why... what a gorgeous photograph!


Vixie began making paper cranes in earnest after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and advances all profit from crane sales to Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.


She coats her washi paper necklaces with a high gloss varnish for extra durability, and also makes cute earrings, brooches, and hairpins.


Jazzy Menagerie shop and blog

By the way, if you already love origami or have been thinking about getting started, I came across a site called Marigami Origami that you might find helpful.

Mari Michaelis is a wealth of information... she shares invaluable step-by-step videos, diagrams, tips, and links.

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  1. Very cute. The pinwheel necklace is my favourite.

  2. I would happily swap you our balmy days here in Oz for your lovely cold ones! Snow *sigh*

    1. Hi Anon, you know the saying - the grass is always greener... :)

  3. Origami just has such a special charm about it. Lovely to see it in a form you can wear and enjoy every day!

  4. Beautiful! My son loves making origami - he made a paper crane that sits on my bookcase. Love the idea of a necklace. The pinwheel is my favorite.

  5. Very nice, I already knew her work though.
    I love origami and find it very relaxing to do, and that's why I've launched my own jewellery line based in origami but my offer is different from hers. Have a look if you want.


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