Paper Maché Animal Sculptures - Melanie Bourlon

What a thrill it is to feature the anthropomorphic paper maché sculptures of French artist Melanie Bourlon!

paper mache fox dressed in clothing

Each nattily dressed animal Melanie creates is incredibly realistic with an enormous amount of whimsy factored in to delight the viewer.


Admit it... are you smiling? The expressions of this beret-wearing sheep and super-serious hound are priceless.

paper mache sheep wearing beret

paper mache hound in suit jacket

I can guess what you're thinking... "That dapper fox at the top of the page can't be papier mache, can it? But he has real fur!" No, that isn't fur, but Melanie's painting expertise makes it look like it is. Enjoy this video that shows her at work.

She earned a degree in art and literature in the 90s, and then opened an antiques and rare objects shop. Later, she studied the creation of faux marble and frescoes, as well as trompe l'oeil, the painting technique that fools the eye.

paper mache hare

A prolific sculptor who has created scores of beautifully constructed pieces, Melanie uses recycled paper, wire, stone, fabric, lichen, bark, root, felt and even cow dung. (Am not convinced about the latter, but I'll take her word for it. Perhaps that's why this fellow is wearing boots. :))

paper mache cow wearing boots

Melanie manages to give each figure an air of decorum... yet we're snorting with glee!

paper mache dog dressed in clothing  

Not all of her paper sculptures are animals... you'll find intricately detailed period fashions, such as shoes and bodices, as well as plants and edible delights on her website

paper mache bear dressed in clothing

Melanie Bourlon is on Facebook where you can scroll through many more photos of her work. She exhibits frequently in France.

paper mache leopard dressed in clothing

Photography: Anthony Cottarel

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