Lokta Paper Crafts, PaperPhine, and Artist in LA LA Land

Welcome to the monthly post in which I introduce the sponsors of this blog who make and sell beautiful things, not necessarily made of paper, but this time all happen to be paper creatives!

Lokta paper handmade album

Hello to newest sponsor Lokta Paper Crafts. I wasn't familiar with lokta, but learned from Dibesh of Boston, the shop owner, that this type of handmade paper is made from the bark of the daphne bush, also known as a lokta bush, that grows in the Himalayas in Nepal. The paper is very strong and naturally resistant to insects; in fact, it can last for hundreds of years!

Lokta paper lampshade

Dibesh uses lokta to make fine journals, photo albums, cards, bags, envelopes, and lampshades that are tree-free and eco-friendly. This pretty lampshade features pressed juniper leaves. Lokta paper is also sold by the sheet and as wrapping paper that features printed designs.

Lokta paper invitations

Dibesh's rustic, yet elegant boxed invitations would be perfect for a green-themed wedding or party. A thin slice of bamboo holds the folded flaps in place, and each card is decorated with a skeleton leaf.

The Lokta Paper Crafts shop [edit: no longer open] opened less than a year ago and is already popular.

Paperphine sample twines

Linda Thalmann's PaperPhine is the very best source for colorful paper twines. Recently Linda has been offering small boxes of assorted amounts that remain whenever a batch is spooled, knotted, knitted, or crocheted. What a nice way to try out paper twines and paper yarns for gift wrapping, as well as bow, flower, and jewelry making.

Paperphine paper yarn - spring colors

I'm loving these bright, spring colors! The professionally dyed skeins are large enough to make a long-lasting knitted bag like the one you see below. Read about it here and make one of your own. If you're thinking of creating jewelry with paper yarn, you'll want to read the tips in this tutorial that Linda wrote about dyeing white or natural yarn after you've made the piece.

Crocheted paper twine tote bag by Paperphine

PaperPhine shop
PaperPhine blog

Melissa Kojima's paper play shop, Artist in LA LA Land, is always a fun stop [shop has closed; new website]. She offers retro-vintage, woodland animal cards for most every occasion... items you won't find anywhere else!

Printable bird cards

Clever Lady Bird and Mr. Bird cards feature retro hats, foldable wings, and a blank interior so you can add a hidden message. In addition to art cards, Melissa designs quirky DIY paper puppets and paper mache art dolls.

Hoppy Easter card

Many of the items are delivered as pdfs so you can print out as many as you wish. Paper puppets and dolls would be unique party favors or little gifts for holidays, children, and kids at heart.

Paper mache animal brooches

These paper mache animal head brooches are one of a kind and durable, not to mention their expressions make me smile... they look so surprised with those big eyes!

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