Cut Paper Structures - Rachael Ashe

The paper cuttings of artist Rachael Ashe of Vancouver, British Columbia caught my attention recently on Flickr. Because we are used to seeing flat cut paper in frames, I found it refreshing that Rachael is exploring ways to design paper cuttings as freestanding, self-supporting sculptures.


In reading back through her blog, it was interesting to note the ways Rachael's art has evolved. She studied creative photography in college and for the past several years has been using recycled materials and found objects to create collages and altered books.


Paper cutting has been her focus this winter. A love of nature finds its way into her work, as she often cuts waves and leaves.The shadows cast by these sculptures add another layer of interest.


Rachel doesn't draw a design first, but instead cuts a repetitive shape freehand, obviously with much control. This pyramid is separate paper cuttings adhered to one another, unlike the box-shaped sculptures that are one piece.


While the word Art is not 3D, Rachael created it after visiting paper artist Elsa Mora's new site Art is a Way.


Typography is not an area of interest for Rachael normally, but she enjoyed combining it with paper cutting. Her perfectly cut crescents result in lovely letters and I hope she'll continue.


Visit Rachael's Etsy shop to see her collage work and follow her enjoyable blog that she updates regularly with new work, gallery exhibits, and commissioned designs.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Such beauty. I love you the light works with them x

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. Its so amazing that she cuts without drawing first . The final result looks so perfect .

  3. Yeah, isn't she amazing!!! I follow her on Instagram and I've featured her on my blog too. She is a sweetheart too. Glad you featured her here.

  4. Inspiring! My fingers are itching to play.

  5. These are stunning. I love the delicacy.


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