Quilled Gardens of Versailles

Sandra Fernandes, owner of Small Impressions, a custom invitation company in Toronto, Canada wrote to tell me that she had stumbled upon All Things Paper last summer and became hooked on paper quilling. That was lovely to hear, but hang on... there's more to the story!

 quilled gardens of Versailles

The reason she found her way to ATP was that she had been asked to take part in a feature photoshoot for Wedluxe Magazine. The intriguing concept was a wedding based on Vatel, a movie that portrays the decadent lifestyle of the upper crust in 17th century France. Sandra's task was to create a unique escort card table based on a painting of the gardens of Versailles.

quilled gardens of Versailles, detail

Someone suggested to her that she make trees out of paper and just like that, the idea was planted. Sandra started googling, came upon quilling via my card making video, and was smitten. What better thing to do than bring the gardens to life via a quilled version?

Her husband helped by cutting a 4 feet x 2 feet wooden board as the base for the formal garden and added molding while Sandra sketched the design. For the plant scrolls, she rolled two inch strips of Angel Hair, a lightweight, handmade paper. She found it wonderful to work with, but says her gluing technique needs improvement. I don't know about that, Sandra... everything looks beautiful to me! 

quilled gardens of Versailles, seen from above

It took about fifteen hours to integrate the quilling with miniature dollhouse urns and stands. Printed cards indicated where guests were to be seated.

quilled company logo signboard

Sandra's second project was completed this past January. She took part in a bridal show to promote her invitation company and could have simply printed a sign, but chose to quill one instead. It's quite remarkable that these projects were done by a novice quiller, but as I always like to say, some people simply take to paper rolling like ducks to water!

Small Impressions is also on Facebook.

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  1. The miniature garden looks so very beautiful. It is a nice idea.

  2. Love the Versailles garden. Perfect!

  3. what a great idea....congrats to sandra.....paper us such a fantastic medium.....amazing what one can do with a bit of imagination!!!!

  4. Wow, she did a great job! What an interesting project to work on.


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