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Let's check in with All Things Paper's sponsors to see what's new this month.

The Paper Mill Store is well worth a visit if you're in the market for paper or envelopes, personalized stationery, artist paper, die cuts, recycled paper, and/or custom cutting and scoring services. 

bicycles wedding invitation

Their papers can be used to create just about anything you can think of, including clever wedding invitations like this one that features interlocking wheels to symbolize wedding rings. It was designed by Michelle Rollins and is seen on the company blog, The Paper.

onion skin paper

Perhaps you remember transluscent onion skin paper and if so, maybe you're holding onto your very last sheets of the special stuff and wonder if you'll ever find it again. The Paper Mill Store not only stocks onion skin, but they have it custom manufactured. In fact, onion skin is one of their most often reviewed products!

Each time I visit PaperPhine I come away thinking what an inspiring site it is. Linda and her creative team are always coming up with fresh examples of things to make with paper yarn. 

PaperPhine knit basket kit

Their DIY knitted basket kits are a great way to try your hand at working (make that playing!) with durable paper string.

paper twine treasure box

Here's a neat little treasure box that contains a variety of paper twines in different weights and colors... enough of each to try knotting, knitting, or crocheting. Use paper twine when wrapping gifts or creating paper jewelry. Follow along with the PaperPhine blog to see what's new.

custom party invitation

Melissa Kojima of The Artist in LA LA Land designs new cards and paper toys each month. In fact, creating whimsical custom party invitations is probably one of her most favorite things to do. If you'll be hosting a baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary party, birthday party, or any other special occasion, let Melissa create a completely unique invitation.

printable paper dolls
These printable flower head paper dolls in vintage swimsuits are the perfect quirky item to send to a girlfriend or anyone who needs cheering up. Just print them out, cut, and assemble with brads.

Many thanks to my lovely sponsors who have been so loyal!  

And now a couple of quick things to show you... I received an email from Mari Michaelis of Marigami Origami recently - look what she made!

quilled key pendant

It's the Antique Key Pendant I designed as one of the projects in the All Things Paper book. Mari took up quilling this past winter after being introduced to it here and had made only a few projects before creating the key. How nice to see that she has taken to rolling paper like a duck to water.

If you make a project from the book, I would love to see it! Please send your pics to me at ann.b.martin at gmail.com

rhubarb art

And then I heard from Jan in Canada who shares interesting links from time to time. Her most recent email was about curled rhubarb with a resemblance to calligraphy/quilled letters. Jan saw Pauline Campbell's rhubarb art featured in a Fort Saskatchewan newspaper. Apparently Pauline discovered she enjoyed turning strips of the curled vegetable into words. You learn something new every day... never would I have thought of spelling with rhubarb, not to mention I would have said it is a fruit until I checked to make sure while writing this post!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. what a great, inspirational roundup! I am completely enchanted by those paper dolls and invitations by Melissa.

  2. Quilling with rhubarb. Pretty sure ive heard it all now. :)

  3. Lettering with rhubarb looks really cute. I learn so much each time I visit here.

  4. I'm excited to see your key - that's one on my list of things to do from your book, Ann! Also, rhubarb art? What fun!

    1. I'm happy to hear that, Karren; have fun making a key!

  5. Thank you so much, Ann. It's been a pleasure sponsoring you! I love seeing how one reader created the key quilled jewelry and the rhubarb art certainly looks like quilling.

    1. Thanks Melissa and it's been a pleasure to have you as a sponsor!


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