Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Canvas on Edge - Stallman Studio Gallery

Something a bit different to share with you today... fair warning - it isn't paper.

Canvas on Edge - Over Land and Sea
Over Land and Sea  48" x 78"

I find these Canvas on Edge sculptures by artists Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum of Stallman Studio Gallery in Seattle to be incredibly appealing. Reminiscent of modern day quilling, but more approachable and at the same time, showier, due to the much larger scale than typical paper filigree.

Canvas on Edge - Nucleus
Nucleus  16" x 16" x 2"

Jason and Stephen work together and are influenced by cellular biology patterns and color gradients present in the natural world. They use artist canvas and acrylic paint to create the 3D canvas sculptures that catch light and cast shadows, bringing depth to each piece.

Canvas on Edge - Detail

"Canvas on Edge is conceived from large sheets of raw canvas measuring 4ft x 100ft, which is then hand-painted and cut. Each articulating segment is uniquely molded and placed on its edge. Just like an artist would seal a painting, each sculpture is sealed using an archival varnish that protects it from moisture and UV light."

Canvas on Edge - Deep Blue Sea
 Deep Blue Sea  38" x 50"

I was curious if Jason and Stephen first do an on-edge paper prototype before starting a new piece, but they answered that they do not.

Deep Blue Sea - Detail

"We sketch our ideas and plans. We admire the skill and attention to detail that goes into quilling. Our creations happen on an amplified scale. We work with the canvas to create the curvilinear forms that hold pockets of light and shadow and use paint to add color."

Canvas on Edge - Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom  30" x 48"

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  1. Replies
    1. I know what you mean - me too! One would look just perfect in your contemporary home.

  2. Wonderfully creative use of materials.

  3. Love the movement and flow of these designs.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beauty, Ann!
    Am I correct in understanding that, in Nucleus, the paper is 2 inches wide? Would you know how wide it is in the other pieces presented?

    1. Hi Zoe, yes, the depth of Nucleus is 2 inches, but I don't know the depths of the others.

  5. Very beautiful. I love the last one too much.

  6. Amazing!! As a cellular biologist, I'm quite happy for their inspiration!

  7. Hi Ann Martin.
    This is so amazing, thank you so much for sharing these artworks, the artists are truly fantastic! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, I can see that I can spend hours on yours! So much inspiration:-) Have a lovely day:-)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Mette! I feel the very same about your site. :)

  8. What amazing artworks! I love'em!! Who would have guessed they have been created out of canvas. I love the colours and patterns!

  9. Dear Ann,
    the Deep blue sea - it's my favorite. Thank you for sharing this wonderful creations.

    Many regards

  10. Way too amazing and incredible! Thanks for sharing it, Ann.

  11. Beautiful but... don't they get dusty?

    1. Let's not think about that, Isabelle. :) No really, a feather duster from time to time would probably do the trick.

  12. I am incredibly smitten by the top one...So beautiful:) Happy Tuesday, dear.


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