Etched Kozo Lampshades - Dina Petrillo

While visiting the town of Rockland on Maine's coast a couple of weeks ago, richly colored paper lampshades in the window of the Farnsworth Museum shop caught my eye.

Belfast Bay Shade Company lampshades

I googled the Belfast Bay Shade Company soon after and learned that the vibrant beauties are designed and made by Dina Petrillo, a sculptor, printmaker, and teacher in Waldo County, Maine.

Belfast Bay Shade Company lampshades

Dina's colorful shades (Jujube inspiration, yum) feature botanical motifs such as brussels sprouts, geraniums, grapevines, and hydrangeas, just to name several of the plants that inspire her. She told me she is picking, canning and pickling fresh produce right now...."and I'm thinking about the next group of plant plates I will harvest from the gardens to print for the next shade line."

Belfast Bay Shade Company prints

Dina pulls original prints on etching presses and constructs each shade to last. The printed Japanese kozo paper is adhered to woven Dacron sailcloth with encaustic, a medium of raw bees wax and damar resin; it stabilizes the richly printed colors.

Belfast Bay Shade Company lampshades

Each durable shade 'skin' is sewn onto steel armature, in any number of shapes and sizes, with waxed sail thread. 

Belfast Bay Shade Company lampshade

The glowing light would go a long way in cozying up a room this winter.

Dina recently opened a show at Frontier in Brunswick, Maine that features prints on canvas. Her work will also be on display in October at Betts Gallery in Belfast, Maine.

Dina Petrillo is on Facebook.

Thanks to Natalie Zee Drieu of Coquette and Jenny Doh of Crescendoh [site no longer available] for featuring All Things Paper - 20 Unique Projects from Leading Paper Crafters, Artists, and Designers recently. Their sites have long been two of my favorites!

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are beautiful. Almost want to just hang the paper on the wall as it is!

  3. Wow! These are fantastically beautiful!! Looking at those hanging sheets is eye candy to me. Just beautiful.

  4. This is almost like a painting which glows from within!!

    Thanks Ann for making showcasing such artistic inspirations!!


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