Friday, September 13, 2013

Paper Sculpture Illustration - Gail Armstrong

A mostly all-image post this fine Friday...


Curtain up! An array of well-clad feet caught my eye on Facebook and reminded me how much I admire the paper sculpture illustration of Gail Armstrong.


She's an award-winning illustrator in London who creates perfectly crafted paper sculptures that can often be seen in advertisements and children's books.


Gail sketches a design, cuts the paper components with a scalpel, and bends and shapes the pieces to fit together like a puzzle atop the sketch.


The sculpture is photographed and lastly, Gail uses her graphic design skills to digitally collage the final design.


Read more about the crown jewels she created for the cover of Where magazine earlier this summer.


In the video below, Gail shows the way a peacock illustration is transformed into a postage stamp.

Gail's portfolio can be seen on IllustrationWeb. She is also on Facebook.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is the feet on stage, but they are all stunning.

  2. Unbelievable! The half raised curtain totally stole my heart :)

  3. have been a long time fan of paper illustrations esp, in children's books...these are wonderful thanks for sharing...

  4. Amazing work ,Thanks for sharing the video Ann.


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