Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paper Crafts for Halloween

Halloween crafts are out en force around the interwebs... here are just a few of my favorites to make the holiday even more fun than it already is!

For you cerebral types, Lene and Anna Schepper devised these layered, interlocking sugar skulls, and provide templates for your cutting pleasure at PaperMatrix.


I have my eye on these monster cards from mollymoo... at last a nifty use for the packet of google eyes that's been squirreled away in my desk. The not-too-scary designs would be great as birthday cards or party invites for little monsters any time of year.


For those who love to work with a craft knife and detail scissors, here's an ornate mask to cut and glitter. It's a downloadable printable provided by Cutture, a London stationery designer, for A Subtle Revelry.


Last week I shared Madam Citron's pineapple tessellation and now she's adapted the concept to make a string of clever jack-o'-lanterns. (in French)


Step-by-step photos and a folding template are provided.


Lastly, a super-cute 3D bat. He was made by Christa Cunningham of Wintergreen Design and the instructions are included in a new book called Creative Paper Quilling that I worked on this past summer.


A host of quillers designed the projects and even though I haven't had a chance to see the book in person yet, I wanted to let you know it's available as a paperback or digital download via Annie's Crafts, a division of DRG Publishing.


I'll be sharing more projects in the future (for a sneak peek you can Look Inside on Amazon where it releases on 1/1), but because folks have been emailing to ask about the book, I wanted to mention it today. By the way, the Bloom framed design on the cover was created by Leesandra Diaz - it's a beauty!


  1. love the pumpkins and mask, and awesome Bat !!!!

  2. Adorable bat!! Leesandra has done a great job for the cover.

  3. Another Ann book! Yay!
    And thanks for all the freebies!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, it was another fun one to put together!


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