Hyperrealistic Paper Sculptures - José Suris IV

In case you missed the superb and often playfully photographed paper sculptures of Brooklyn artist José Suris IV [site is no longer available] as they made the rounds of art and design blogs a few months ago, I wanted to share his work here as well.

Keaton mask inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
wire mesh, hot glue, paper maché, paper clay, and hand cut papers

Because many of us paper enthusiasts can relate to painstakingly cut bits, I have the feeling you'll appreciate the expressive masks and finely shaded fur and feathers that he meticulously crafts.

Paper taxidermy Fennekin from Pokémon X and Y
wire mesh, paper clay, acrylic, fake glass eyes

Lion - an interpretative mask of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. 
Photograph by Alexander Quinn
Photo editing by José Suris IV

José told me that he found his love for working three-dimensionally while attending the Rhode Island School of Design in their illustration program. 

Eeevee Pokémon sculpture

 Sloth Bear - a tale in four parts

Because he enjoyed creating figures while in a major that wasn't specifically geared to sculpture, José found himself learning while doing, making use of materials he had on hand... a stockpile of paper, glue gun, and paper maché.


 Siamese Fighting Fish
wire mesh, paper clay, various papers, spray paint, aquarium beads, and wire

He was invited to participate in the 2013 Illustrative Festival in Berlin this past summer. After the exhibit concluded, Direktorenhaus, the gallery where the festival was held, asked if they could continue to show his sculptures.


Here you can see the finely fringed tabs that give such a smooth look to José's fur and feathers.

Wall mounted Fiery Topaz Hummingbird 
wire mesh, paper clay, aquarium beads, various papers

Currently José is working on two pieces, a mask and a full body animal sculpture... I look forward to seeing where his imagination is taking him. Stay tuned to Tumblr where he will post photos of the pieces as they progress and view additional completed work on Behance.

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  1. Wonderful work. The colors in the hummingbird are gorgeous.

  2. They are amazingly life-like especially the stunning bird.

  3. Unbelievable!!! Such great talent!!

  4. I love the hummingbird, what tedious work.

  5. I just love to see all the artists you find and share. They truly raise the bar creatively for all us mere humans. But even more than that I love to share your discoveries forward. Thank you for always broadening our imaginations.

  6. These sculptures are amazing. Fantastic!


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