Friday, November 8, 2013

Animated Paper Sculpture - Cris Wiegandt

Cris Wiegandt is a paper craft designer and animator... she creates playful figures and structures, devises short story settings, and puts them into motion.


Cris was born in Brazil and currently lives in Berlin when she isn't traveling to collaborate with other artists on location.

She was asked by an agency in Austria to create a Monki (Swedish fashion label owned by H&M) accessory with a setting to go along with it. She devised the Lady Darth Vader helmet and also a paper version of the shoe that were published in Monki Magazine last autumn.  

 Paper craft street scene created for the Brazilian blog Mistura Urbana.

I asked Cris how she got her start in the wonderful world of paper:

I started working with paper because of a request. I always loved stop motion and building crafts. While I was working at dyrdee Media we received a paper stop motion request. My boss knew that I could build crafts, so asked me if I could do some paper crafts for the pitch. This was the moment when I realized I love paper.

David Bowie

Cris says IN LOVE WITH EVERY FRAME describes how she feels about being able to do the work she enjoys.


This space shuttle with rockets was created for a Commerzbank pitch, but wasn't selected. If you ask me, it's a winner!


Here's Cris at work on a project for Nickelodeon Kindernet, a Dutch television channel.


See lots more paper animation at Cris Wiegandt.

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  1. Great little video. Wonderful work.

  2. So very creative. The shuttle with rockets sure is a winner.

  3. That is just wonderful - I've gotta watch the video again - the talent!!


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