Pleated Paper Stars from Stjernestunder

Congratulations to the winners - Brittany, Camilla, and Courtney!

About a year ago I featured pretty holiday creations by Helle Holst of Stjernestunder in Denmark... folded stars and woven hearts and cones. Now Helle has teamed up with Hana Vyoralová of Prague to produce a new line of stylish pleated paper stars. The design is as unique as it is beautiful!


Helle told me that even though she has always made all items with her own hands, she realized she had reached her limit of producing/folding and was longing to try lots of other things "in this wonderful paper world." Helle began to look for someone to help with production and knew when she met Hana online that she had found a special person who shares her paper passion and creativity.


This new Pleat model with twelve points is Hana's design, yet the entire process has been one of collaboration and cooperation. Helle chose the slightly metallic paper colors which are, she says, even more beautiful in person and very popular in Scandinavia... white, grey, black, and copper, and also carefully selected the string, eye, and final packaging.


Hana patented the pleated design and organized the production of thousands of stars that will be sold in Scandinavian retail shops. They can be purchased and shipped worldwide from the Ladrome, where you'll find Helle's entire product line. If you see something you like at Stjernestunder, but it isn't listed on the retail site, contact Ladrome, as they will be able to get it for you. (You'll find a translate flag at the top of Ladrome's site.)


The stars are constructed in three sizes. The smallest is nearly 3 inches (74 mm) in diameter, medium is 3.3 inches (86 mm), and the largest is 4.2 inches (106 mm).

Helle has offered to send 2 boxes of pleated stars to 3 winners worldwide. Please note that a box contains three stars of one color, one of each size. (To clarify: each winner will receive six stars total. They may all be one color or choose two colors.) Each box has a retail value of approximately $23 USD, thus this giveaway equals a generous total of $46 per winner.

Helle and Hana are already busy working on a new pleat model for spring! Here's a look at Helle's traditional folded stars in beautiful shades of purple and blue.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. Be sure to include your email address or another way to be contacted within your comment. The giveaway will end on Sunday night, November 10. The winners will be selected by a random number generator and announced on this page as soon as they have been contacted. Good luck!

Note: this is a sponsored giveaway.

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