Altered Book Lamps from Bomdesign and Limp Bindings

Michael Bom and Antoinet Deurloo of Bomdesign in the Netherlands are artist-designers who repurpose discarded materials into creative handmade items such as birdhouses from billboards and paperboard cows from milk cartons, but it was the unique shapes and light emanating from between the pages of their Boeklampen, or book lamps, that first caught my eye.


Etsy shop BomdesignNL opened in 2012, but Michael has been making these lamps since 2004. They'll reconstruct the cover and pages of your favorite book into a lamp, and also offer ready-made atlas and sheet music models.


Atlas Book Lamp

The sculptural lamps can be found in restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid and hotels in Spain and Germany, and have been featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest and Elle. Stay-cool LED lights keep them safe. Bomdesign is on Facebook.


And this is timely since today's topic is unique ways to bind pages...

Just yesterday Monica Langwe, a Swedish artist, papermaker and bookbinder, wrote to introduce us to her new book Limp Bindings.


She presents a study of the historical limp binding method that was used to construct books with flexible covers, usually of cloth, leather, or vellum. Monica details eleven books from the enormous Vatican Library that were bound with ingenious variations of the technique. This is followed by a gallery of new books created by eleven book artists from around the world, each inspired by a limp bound medieval book. For ordering information, visit Monica's website - you'll find an English translation button at the top of the page.

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