Layered Paper Cuttings - Louise Jenkins

Admiration of the British countryside and farm animals is evident in the color washed paper cuttings of illustrator/designer Louise Jenkins . She creates layered nature scenes in her home studio located in Worcestershire. The use of watercolor and gouache results in a contemporary folk art style.


Deciding which pieces to post was quite the challenge... as I clicked through Louise's deeply serene images I liked each and every one. The paper cuttings are composed of at least four layers to give the sense of a foreground and background. Often she creates a raised, textural effect by building up the line work with gouache.


It was only a year ago that Louise began paper cutting, which led to the discovery that it is what she loves doing most. Previously she was mainly illustrating and earlier, after graduating in 1997 from Staffordshire University with a degree in Ceramic Design for Industry and a Masters in Industrial Design, was the creator of many commercially successful patterns for porcelain companies.


While employed as Senior Designer for Royal Worcester, Louise produced the popular Jamie Oliver line of cook, table, and giftware. She has also designed for Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, and Spode.


Each cut paper work is individually created and original. Even if they are of the same subject, such as her whimsical hares, no two are identical. Find Louise's art in shops and galleries throughout the UK. By the way, the tiny piercings you'll notice in some of the pieces are done with a single manual hole punch and a big hammer. The embossed dots are gouache. Tedious work, but perfectly placed by an experienced ceramics artist!


Louise Jenkins also has a blog. [edit: Website and blog are no longer available, but she is on Twitter.]


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  1. Brilliantly made! Such a gorgeous effect from layers of paper :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE these. Her work is beautiful and so individual.

  3. Stunning!!! the first picture looks magical. Love her use of water colours to bring life to her paper cuts.

  4. Beautiful, and these must take forever with the amount of attention to detail.

  5. Really wonderful. They have a lot of charm.

  6. I love the added color and dimension of the layers!

  7. Absolutely breathtaking work. Much patience is required, and talent. The pastels are beautiful!

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments about my work. Your all making me blush.
    And thank you again Ann for the feature.

  9. What a treat..would love to see these I. Person!!!!

  10. What beautiful work! Great use of color, too.

  11. Ahhh Ann, I always leave myself plenty of time before I visit your many wonderful things to look at!!!!! Thank you for all the time you spend finding just what I was looking for lol!

    1. Hi Kim, aw thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy your visits and I hope all is well in your crafty world.


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