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For those who enjoy sending special cards to friends and family and for admirers of paper jewelry, I have something unique to introduce today. Christiane and Oliver Hampel contacted me to see if I might like to review their new - and I mean brand new! - line of keepsake Jewelry Greetings.


I looked forward to seeing the cards in person and was not disappointed... they are beautiful quality - felt-textured Strathmore Grandee paper with gold lettering and blank interior for personalization. Each card features a sturdy, punch-out ring that is easily assembled and fun to wear - just right to send to a friend as a birthday greeting, thank you, or just because.


The contemporary designs include Dancing Hearts, Bunchberry, Cherry Blossoms, Sunflower, Cattleya Orchid, and Trillium Lily. Of course the rings are not meant for everyday use, but will hold up quite well if worn occasionally.


The ring is detached from the card front along perforated lines and assembled as shown on the included instruction card.


Oliver, a graphic designer, and Christiane, a goldsmith, were born in Germany where they studied design and jewelry making; they now reside in Naples, Florida.


Looking for a novel way to promote Christiane's jewelry line, she and Oliver collaborated on the nature-inspired card set. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, they were encouraged to release the creative cards as a collection in its own right.


Visit Jewelry Greetings which is also on Facebook. A Kickstarter campaign is underway too.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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