Mandala-style Quilled Marriage Certificate

I had the pleasure of quilling this marriage certificate for a couple whose wedding took place a few weeks ago.

Quilled marriage certificate by Ann Martin

The quilled design was inspired by the lacy mandalas on their wedding invitation.

Wedding invitation detail

The paper colors were purple and aubergine to coordinate with it.

Quilled marriage certificate by Ann Martin

Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio, who I often collaborate with on Quaker marriage certificates and ketubahs, hand-lettered the vows and names.

Quilled marriage certificate by Ann Martin

A printed grid that I've relied on in the past for symmetrical quilled snowflakes was incredibly helpful in shaping the crimped curves, but still, it was measure, measure, and measure again to get the angles just right while doing final gluing.

Quilled mandala - in progress

I have a question I hope one of you can answer... where can I buy more of these tiny swab-sticks? I think they may be a rubber stamping tool, used to apply ink in small places. I received this one in a paper craft swap years ago and would be lost without it. People have asked why glue doesn't show on my quilled projects... a. I use a very small amount, and b. this tool. Honestly, it's my secret weapon! Invaluable in whisking away specks of glue along on-edge strips, I use it dry most often, but sometimes I touch it to a drop of water first and then blot the area with tissue.

mystery tool

I also did this mat recently... the groom contacted me about quilling their invitation as a first anniversary gift for his wife. How thoughtful is he?!

Quilled wedding invitation by Ann Martin

She likes green, neutrals, and rustic textures so we decided on a forest green, linen-covered mat. I quilled my modern scrolls design in ivory quilling paper with a few touches of gold. They were married in a French chateau so I suggested the drawing that was printed on the reception card be included in a small cutout below the invitation.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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