Eco Wedding Design and Paper Jewelry by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

Warm weather is still just a dream here in the snowy northeastern U.S., but the handmade floral items by Alessandra Fabre Repetto of Italy led to wishful thinking on my part as I scrolled through her beautiful photos. She captures the loveliness of summer through the use of surprising materials.

Paper Flower Event Decor by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

Simple paper maché, watercolor paint, paper twine, and sometimes natural elements such as bark, lichens, and dried flowers are her elements of choice.

Paper Flower Event Decor by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

While growing up, Alessandra was always interested in materials and their reuse. As an adult, she learned techniques for manipulating paper from French and Japanese artists whose work she admired online. 

Paper Flower Event Decor by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

Originally a graphic designer, Alessandra has created a successful event and wedding decor business that combines her love of nature with a passion for recycling.

Wedding Confetti Bag with Paper Flower by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

If you live near Rome, she offers paper floral centerpieces and additional decor as rental items. Often brides will choose to keep the flowers they carry as a memento of the day.

Paper Flower Bouquet by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

I'm admiring the way unfurled ends of paper twine add fullness to a bouquet. Alessandra told me this type of twine is called filo finlandese in Italian.

Aqua Paper Flowers Necklace by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

She also creates a line of paper maché statement jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and rings in delicious colors.

Pink Paper Flowers Necklace by Alessandra Fabre Repetto

Visit her website and Etsy shop to find a variety of arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, confetti bags, jewelry, and fashion accessories.

Aqua and Blush Paper Flowers Necklace

Alessandra Fabre Repetto also blogs and is on Facebook and Pinterest.

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