Paper Jewelry and Home Decor by S.CHICK

There's nothing I like better than to come across a versatile designer whose sense of style and fun shines through in her work. That was the case when I noticed handmade items by Stephanie Schick of S.CHICK [edit: she is now concentrating on her photography business]. I was tempted to just move Steffi's entire Flickrstream over to this post, but ahem... common sense prevailed and I limited my choices to a collection that speaks of spring.

peach and white stitched paper bracelet with peach pearl accents and silver chain fastener

Steffi, who lives in a small town in southern Germany, is dedicated to the crafts-based business she started several years ago. Each evening after completing full-time work as a graphic designer, she tends to the organizational aspects of running an online shop. Weekends are centered around product development.

purple and black paper butterfly brooch on distressed denim

"My day job has a lot to do with paper... its structure, weight, format and so on, but in my private time I enjoy working with it in many different ways. I love the flexibility of paper and even its smell... it can do everything I imagine."

Paper Bead Keychain by S.CHICK

She delights in creating small items to beautify one's life. The designs range from cute to elegant, all are on-trend, and the workmanship is precise.

Paper Bead Bracelet by S.CHICK

Steffi rolls, folds, cuts, and illustrates. Sometimes she combines paper with stitched or woven fibers to make jewelry. Paper twine, cord, and a paper bead come together perfectly in this lime green bracelet.

Paper Flamingo Brooch by S.CHICK
Paper Mushroom Brooch by S.CHICK

She told me photography is a hobby and attributes her skill to much practice while studying graphic design. That was when she learned to handle an analog camera, develop film, and compose pictures.

aqua and white paper chick earrings with aqua bead and silver accents

"I spend a lot of time taking product pictures for my shop, as well as writing descriptions. First impressions are so important."

Geometric Paper Jewelry by S.CHICK

Eye-catching packaging adds to an item's allure.

Geometric Paper Jewelry by S.CHICK

In addition to making paper jewelry, Steffi creates modular origami ornaments and stylish wall clocks from original patterned papers. Some of her designs are available as printables.

Origami Ornament by S.CHICK

Origami Wall Clock by S.CHICK

See more at S.CHICK and find Steffi on Flickr.

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