Clever Origami Scenes by Paperaria

Let's start the week with a smile... meet Wenche Lise Fossland and the wonderfully creative photos she (@paperaria_) shares on Instagram. A full-time portrait photographer in Namsos, Norway, her images are excellent, but that's not the only reason they always catch my attention.

Origami Monkey by Paperaria
Helloooooo Mondayyyyyy! It's gonna be a fight... :) Go for it, my friends! 
design unknown, folded by me (@wenlise_fold)

It's also the captions! You see, there's that niggling question when it comes to origami... what to do with the fruits of your labor?

Origami Umbrella by Paperaria
 So many sunny days followed by umbrella day! Better bring the fresh dotted one...
I hope you have a nice day, rain or shine. :)

Wenche Lise knows exactly what to do with her folded creations... she concocts a small scene for each one and adds a cheerfully relevant and endearing sentence or two.

I was curious about her interest in origami so wrote to ask a few questions.

Origami Butterflies by Paperaria
  One is good, two is better. Make the most of this day!

How long have you been interested in origami... is it something you began as a child?
I have been folding for the last two years (from summer 2013) but as all kids, I did the paper fortune teller sometimes in my youth.

Origami Frog and Bugs by Paperaria
I see opportunities here :) Sometimes it is right in front of you, right?

What brought about this new-found interest as an adult?

It started while on vacation... I bought an origami book and folded in the evenings, inspired by a lamp shade where I was visiting. I did some boxes shaped like stars and 2D cupcakes. After the vacation I just couldn't stop folding, so I moved on from simple foldings with one sheet to modular origami with thirty modules to make origami balls (kusudamas).

Origami Owl by Paperaria
 North Pole that way?? No, I think it is right here... Brrr!

Are you a self-taught folder who enjoys a challenge?

I have learned everything from books, magazines, and YouTube... I have used the pause button frequently. I love the fact that there are almost no limits to what you can form out of a sheet of paper. And I have no intention to stop playing.

Origami Fish by Paperaria
A group hug would take some time to untangle... Enjoy your Sunday!

I'm so glad to hear that because I look forward to your photos... more than 400 posted to date! You've come up with such a clever way of sharing your foldings via Instagram. How did you get started designing little scenerios?

A year ago I posted on my IG account a simple origami owl and used a twig from the garden to make it more lively. From that moment everything fell into place... this was my way of doing origami photos.

Origami Starfish by Paperaria
Be a star on the beach. And everybody wants to do mandalas with you. :) 
 Design sea urchin: Riccardo Foschi, folded by me

Very recently Wenche Lise opened an online shop called Paperaria where she sells some of her folded ornaments and garlands as a hobby. Another cool thing she offers is that she will turn any of her Instagram photos into prints.

Printed Photos by Paperaria

6 x 6 inches (15x15 cm) is standard, but larger sizes will be printed upon request. International shipping is available. The site is in Norwegian, but Google Translate to the rescue or contact Wenche Lise directly via email at

Origami Nuns by Paperaria
 It's time to slip into the summer collection. Have a colorful day!

I think the Paperaria shop description sums up Wenche Lise's talent perfectly:

"Everything has its charm and is handmade in the best sense, in deep concentration and with a smile."

Origami Unicorn by Paperaria
Let us hope for this kind of Friday, When unicorns appear like bugs on the roses. An unusual kind of Friday, but in a good way. :)
Unicorn design by Jo Nakashima, folded by me

Check out her near-daily inspiration on Instagram: @paperaria_

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  1. Great you found her - she and her origami are so lovely

  2. Each picture brings smiles. Love her origami nuns.

  3. Absolutely lovely! And the photography just makes it look all that much better. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So glad you all enjoyed the post... thanks for your comments!


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