Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quilled Wedding Invitation: Art Nouveau

One of the many things I love about paper quilling is that it's possible to recreate any scrollwork design. Recently a newlywed sent over an image of her wedding invitation to ask if I would quill a corresponding mat as she planned to have it framed. Created by Ellie Snow of Hello Tenfold, the Gatsby invitation features an elegant art nouveau-inspired design composed of graceful scrolls. My immediate response was yes!

Quilled Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin - Detail

I worked with white and silver-edge white quilling paper and stayed quite true to the original design. To give the scrolls extra strength and flexibility, two strips were glued back-to-back and allowed to dry completely before shaping. Rolled scrolls are surprisingly springy, so I find final positioning and gluing to be the most challenging parts of the process.

Quilled Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin

Quilled Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin - Detail


  1. So elegant and so neat. It is especially difficult to glue on such dark background without the glue showing. Your swirls are so exact to the one in the invite. Although it would seem easy to have a reference it can be difficult to get it exactly same

    1. Thank you, Suganthi, I loved having a reference this time around and enjoyed the challenge of making it look like the original. Very true about gluing - that's the trickiest part.

  2. Absolutely lovely! Elegant and minimalist at the same time. I love it!

  3. Beautifully done Ann. As always, your love of quilling shines as it accentuates.

  4. Always love seeing your scrollwork. Beautiful.


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