Paper Sculpture Trifecta: Rack & Pinion Psiphon Campaign, KitRex Dinosaur Models, and 2015 Wimbledon Poster

You know the saying about good things happening in threes? Emails from a trio of very nice people with news to share about cool things in the world of paper just landed in my inbox.

First up, the creative group at Rack & Pinion [edit: site no longer available] in Toronto created a digital poster series for Psiphon, a non-profit company and developer of free Internet circumvention software that helps people in countries that are affected by government censorship of information and social media outlets.

Paper Sculpture Twitter Logo - Psiphon

Each poster features a familiar social media logo constructed entirely from paper. By showing the limiting effects of unlawful censorship, the aim is to open a dialogue about it among those of us who are lucky enough to live where we aren't personally affected. Can you imagine not being able to do a Google search or watch a YouTube video? I wouldn't like that one bit.

Paper Sculpture Instagram Logo - Psiphon

To learn more about Psiphon: Beyond Borders, watch this intro video. And here's a time-lapse video that shows the sculpting of the Instagram camera. Rack & Pinion is a new creative group (just over a year old) and this is their first time as a team executing a concept through paper art.

Next, Lisa Glover, a technical entrepreneur and maker of large and small paperboard dinosaurs, wrote to introduce her die-cut KitRex dinos [edit: site no longer available]. They were inspired by a love for origami that Lisa has had since childhood.

KitRex Velociraptor

Her first incredibly successful Kickstarter creation was the KitRex Velociraptor. The flat-pack, 3-foot-long paperboard dino is folded and adhered with glue dots. A great learning tool, it's easy enough for a 9 year old to construct independently.

KitRex Dinos

An already fully-funded Kickstarter campaign is underway for her second creation, the KitRex Pterodactyl. It doesn't end until April 10, so there's still time to get in on the action. The Pterodactyl can be successfully completed by an 8 year old and differs from her previous design in that it features a tab-locking construction method. There are even larger models available for those who truly want to get their dino on... really, you can wear one!

Quilled Wimbledon_Poster_2015 - Yulia Brodskaya

Last, but definitely not least, I heard from Phyllis Petersen, a longtime reader of this blog and book artist (check out her beautiful work on Flickr - JOYouz) who thought we'd be interested in seeing this new work by Yulia Brodskaya as featured on the official poster for the 2015 Wimbledon Championships. This was Yulia's very first sports-themed venture. In just a week's time she was able to incorporate many of the tournament's iconic themes into a design and assemble the elements perfectly - my hat is off to her as always!

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  1. Love all of this. Thanks to you and your friends for sharing the inspiration!


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