Monday, July 20, 2015

Quilled Wedding Invitation - Monogram

Here's another recent wedding mat I quilled, this time for a New York couple. The unique, tri-fold invitation unfolded to reveal photographs of city sights along with invitation text.

Quilled Wedding Invitation Mat by Ann Martin

Deciding on the mat layout was a challenge, but my local frame shop and I came up with what I think is a nicely balanced look considering each of the four main elements is a different size. Fabric-covered white mat board gives a rich look.

Quilled Wedding Invitation Mat by Ann Martin

To go with the invitation's modern design and gray, peach and white palette, I chose quilling papers in those colors and created initials from double thickness paper to replicate the lettering. The design is a variation of this one.

Quilled Wedding Invitation Mat by Ann Martin

I completed the design with scrolls, geometrics and several silver-edge coils. See more of my custom quilled mats here and contact me if you would like one created for your special occasion.


  1. The lettering is so perfect, gorgeous! When you say double thickness paper, does that mean you glued two strips together and quilled with that?

    1. Thanks Honey! Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Just be sure to let the glue dry completely before trying to roll the strip as it will probably buckle.

  2. That was so cleverly done Ann. It's gorgeous.

  3. Simply elegant and sophisticated - that's all what I can say! Bravo!


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