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It's autumn here, change is in the air, and so it is a good time to personally attempt to turn over a new leaf.... as a detail person, I often find myself writing lengthy posts. Let's see if I can use fewer words today. I invite you to focus on the photographs and allow the beauty of these paper cuttings by Vanshika Agarwala to pretty much speak for themselves.

Philadelphia Skyline by Vanshika Agarwala
Philadelphia Skyline
hand-cut paper, 44 x 44 inches

23 years old and a self-taught artist, Vanshika was introduced to paper cutting just last year when she came across the work of BĂ©atrice Coron while studying in England. Vanshika has since graduated from The London School of Economics and returned to India where she cuts paper as a hobby.

Philadelphia Skyline by Vanshika Agarwala - Detail

Inspired by a love of travel and architecture, Vanshika sketches a design on the back of an often impressively large sheet of paper and cuts it with a knife. Occasionally she accepts a commission - Philadelphia Skyline, for example, is displayed in the alumni house on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

Tree of Life by Vanshika Agarwala

Tree of Life was made for a fiftieth birthday. Vanshika cleverly incorporated symbols of success and luck into the complex and perfectly cut design.

Tree of Life by Vanshika Agarwala - Detail

See if you can spot an anchor, compass, axe, ladder, horseshoe, keys, dreamcatcher, four leaf clover and dragonflies.

Cut Paper Map by Vanshika Agarwala
Here // There // Now

Vanshika describes this floral globe as a modern day vintage map.

Cut Paper Map by Vanshika Agarwala - Detail

It is one of a set of three and measures 23 x 23 inches. See the others on Behance.

Through the Paper Glass by Vanshika Agarwala

Through the Paper Glass was inspired by the delicate patterns of Moroccan architecture.

Through the Paper Glass - Detail

"Each piece is an experiment since I'm learning as I go along."

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