Commercial Stop Motion Paper Engineering - Ollanski and Cris Wiegandt

Paper engineer Ollanski and stop motion expert Cris Wiegandt have been working together in Berlin the past two years and are now officially a team. Ollanski's paper models are remarkably realistic, while Cris puts them into motion to relay information via smooth animation.

Pepsi Homemade Crafts and Replacements by Ollanski and Cris
Still Photography: Ollanski & Caroline Wimmer

Recently, they collaborated with PepsiCo's Design & Innovation team by creating an animation to launch new product Pepsi Homemade that allows consumers to make their own drinks at home with SodaStreamer. With lots of movement and shine, using the system looks decidedly fun and simple. And that's the whole point... Ollanski and Cris are experts at what they do!

Google Car Paper Model by Ollanski and Cris
Photography: Elfriede

This model of a Google car (I got a kick out of parking next to one irl not long ago... akin to a celebrity-sighting :)) was created by Ollanski and Cris for Fast Company magazine as part of a series of editorial illustrations about new and significant inventions.

Paper Models for Schott Ceran Campaign by Ollanski and Cris
Photography: Felipe Campos, Rod Di Sciascio, Carolin Wimmer

They were also commissioned to produce and direct the new SCHOTT Ceran® Campaign for ad agency Shanghai Berlin. It includes four stop-motion animations that involve food, cooktops, wiring - all made of paper, of course. Enjoy them right here.

Paper Sculpture Hummingbird by Ollanski and Cris
Photography: Rod Di Sciascio & Felipe Campos

This bright fellow is one of two hummingbirds Cris made for a CORE MEDIA advertisement commissioned by Publicis Dublin, and was seen on billboards at Dublin's airport.

The duo just launched a joint Instagram account, Ollanski and Cris [edit: no longer available], two weeks ago and already have 6000+ followers... obviously there's a ton of interest in paper sculpture as used in advertising and illustration - nice!

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  1. fun fun fun! what a fun process! now that is a commercial i'd stay still for.

  2. have recently seen an interesting ad for a drug co. that uses paper sculpture/ animation and was very intrigued by the whole production...just fascinating


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