Intricate Paper Cutting by Samantha Quinn

I never tire of looking at papercuts that are made with just a scalpel and marvel at the variety of subjects that talented artists choose to cut. Samantha Quinn of S. Quinn and Co. is a young graphic designer and paper cut artist who recently returned home to England after living in Australia for the past year. Frequent paper cutting while traveling resulted in remarkable designs.... have a look.

Lorakeet Cut from Patterned Paper - Pretty Paper Dreams
Lorakeet cut from wrapping paper - detail

Samantha posted shots of daily life on Instagram that often inspired new work. This gorgeous Queensland beach for example...

Paper Cutting Inspiration - Pretty Paper Dreams

...with its marching soldier crabs...

Soldier Crabs on Whitehaven Beach

...led to this incredible piece.

Soldier Crabs Paper Cutting - Pretty Paper Dreams

I asked Sammie to tell us about her art background and how she became interested in paper cutting:

I am a graphic designer by trade and graduated in 2010 with a degree in graphic design from Falmouth University. After graduating, I moved from Cornwall straight to London where I started working for a well-known British lingerie label and later, a branding agency.

Singer Sewing Machine Paper Cutting - Pretty Paper Dreams

I designed and cut my first paper cut during my first year in London. Leaving home, moving to London and living off an intern wage meant money was tight, yet I wanted to create a special, personal gift for my sister's birthday.

Singer Sewing Machine Paper Cutting, Detail - Pretty Paper Dreams

I designed a piece based on a montage of elements from her life; she still has it hanging in her house. I saw it for the first time in years last week and can see how far I have progressed.

Australian Flag Paper Cutting - Pretty Paper Dreams

After five years in London, my husband and I packed up our lives and spent 2015 living and working in Australia. It was an important year for me personally and professionally, and really helped me develop as an artist. I closed my order books for commissions and focused on drawing and cutting.

Dinosaur Paper Cutting - Pretty Paper Dreams

My designs slowly became more intricate and detailed as I challenged myself with each new piece. I look at my work now and can see that it has developed into my own able style.

3D Papercut Butterfly - Pretty Paper Dreams

2015 was also the year I became involved with the Paper Artist Collective (previously featured here). I was approached by Kristine Braanen to join the group and we now run it together.

Honey Bee Paper Cutting - Pretty Paper Dreams

I am back in London and work full-time as a freelance designer. I made this decision to allow myself more time and freedom to work as a paper artist and to develop the Paper Artist Collective.

Paper Cut Lettering - Pretty Paper Dreams

I have reopened my order books and am currently in the process of planning the next PAC event, a pop up and exhibition in Hackney, London (dates forthcoming). I am also busy preparing pieces for a PAC Geneva exhibition that will take place in July/August 2016.

World Landmarks - Pretty Paper Dreams

A few quick facts about my work process:
  • Favorite paper: Anything around 160gsm. I have also been experimenting with textured and patterned papers.
  • Blades: Swann Morton scalpel handle with 10a blades
  • I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere and create an original drawing for each papercut.
  • My ideas come from the strangest places, sometime I dream ideas and wake up in the morning and have to write them down before I forget.
Completed Lorakeet - Pretty Paper Dreams

Visit Samantha Quinn's website and find her on Instagram.

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  1. I wonder how she cuts all those straight lines. Truly a gifted artist!! The bird looks stunning ,love how the eye has been cut.

  2. WOW, just incredible, beautiful and unique...Ann as always you find and share the work of the most interesting people...thank you

  3. Your work is gorgeous!! What talent and creativity you have. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Totally awesome!

  4. Not exactly 3D but more than 2D. I can see the expression on the face of the lorakeet and want to soothe him and assure him that he is loved but still free.

  5. Agree with all of you about Samantha's art!


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