Abstract Paper Mosaics - Noirin van de Berg

Jaw dropping, mind blowing, amazeballs... these are just a few of the exclamations expressed by those who have found their way to the Instagram feed of Australian artist Noirin van de Berg [no longer an active account].

Shades of Blue Paper Mosaic

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to the amount of patience a person can have when creating art, think again. Noirin, who lives in Melbourne, creates dramatic mosaics composed of tens of thousands of perfectly placed paper snips.

Paper Mosaic in Progress

Her short list of necessities includes paper, paper cutter, scissors and double-sided adhesive. Each paper shape is individually glued down. Undulating lines may seem random at first glance, but a closer look reveals careful paths that create depth.

Large-Scale Papercut Collage

I asked Noirin how she happened to begin working with paper:

I started working with paper a) because it was so simple and didn't create a huge amount of mess, and b) I was drawn to the sharp, clean edges. I had trialed creating similar designs with paint, but couldn't get the effect I was looking for. Once I started using paper, I realised how much potential there was to create different patterns, shapes and colours; paper is so flexible, and you can pretty much cut, mould, and twist it into any shape you want. 

Paper Cutting by Noirin van de Berg

Did you study art in school or are you self-taught?

I studied Fine Arts - for just two years (with a major in Photo-media), then transferred into a Bachelor of Liberal Arts (arts: humanities, not visual arts), so I can't claim any formal qualifications in visual art, but it has certainly been a lifelong hobby of mine.

Papercut Portrait

Your style is unique and appealing.... how did it come about?

It comes from my obsession with intricate details. Some of my best works in the past have been paintings or drawings - usually black and white/greyscale portraits - in which I would dedicate hours of time into getting each and every detail exact and perfect. I eventually gave up on painting and drawing because I found the process too frustrating (waiting for paint to dry, etc. etc.) 

Gray Paper Mosaic

Noirin says that while her digital mosaics can usually be completed in a couple of hours, the papercut variety can take up to a week of steady work.

Paper Mosaic

She sells original art pieces privately - contact her if you have your eye on something in particular - and will also create a custom design upon request. Noirin recently launched an online shop [edit: not open currently] where gallery quality giclées are available as limited editions.

Noirin Giclee Blue Print

Noirin Giclee Blue Print - detail

So 70s!

Shades of Pink Mosaic

 And 50s!

Papercut Print

See more of Norin's art on Instagram where she is @noirin163 [no longer an active account].

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  1. The blue print piece looks stunning!! I wonder how much of planning goes into such large pieces.

  2. Looks like such FUN...but, know it is a lot of work! Enjoyed seeing it!
    Paper Hugs,

  3. I'm glad you all enjoyed the post. I marvel at Noirin's work every time she posts something new. I find it so orderly, yet never boring.

  4. Beautiful work. I love it. I definitely don't have the patience or creativity to compose a picture like these, but I am in awe of you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are amazing. So detailed and eye catching. I love working with paper but never thought to do this kind of thing. She is very talented. tfs

  6. Thanks for your comments, HJ and Mogsy.

  7. These are fantastic -- so fresh and clean. Thanks as always!

  8. Hi Karen, so glad you like Noirin's art!

  9. Wow - these are just amazing and so inspiring!

  10. I would love to know what paper she is using. Is it archival? Is it different types of papers?

    1. Good questions, Edward. You might try contacting her directly via the email address that shows on her Instagram bio. She hasn't posted a new piece in a long time so I'm not sure if she is still creating.

  11. Hello Ann: I just came across Noirin's work thru your website. He pieces are amazing and beautiful! Do you happen to know what she uses for her surfaces? Are they wood? Canvas? Other? Would love to know. Warm regards, Tahirah Robinson, San Francisco, CA

    1. Hi Tahirah, yes, amazing and beautiful! I don't know the answer to your question, but I'll try to locate Noirin and will update the post if she is still creating art. I see her IG account is no longer active.


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