Paper Props and Papercut Home Decor - Sarah Louise Matthews

Paper art by Sarah Matthews, a Textile Surface Design graduate in London, has an elegance about it. Spare lines and subtle colors are hallmarks of her work.

Kirigami Cut and Folded Pineapple Paper Cut with Tropical Paper Leaves

But that isn't to say she doesn't enjoy creating whimsical items, as proven by these cute crackers and cuckoo clock.
 Paper Bunny Rabbit Easter Crackers

Paper Cuckoo Clock

Sarah's Instagram feed (@_sarah_matthews) caught my eye before Christmas when she was posting pretty origami and die cut ornaments. Now that spring is coming (isn't it? please!) I'm sure we'll see more of her pastel designs for Easter and beyond. I admire Sarah's frequent use of neutrals, especially gray and white mixed with metallics.

Personalized Cats Initial Papercut

A self-professed paper lover, her pattern-based work involves cutting, folding, slotting and interlocking. She creates props for merchant gift guides and has worked with Brides Magazine, Mollie Makes and Etsy. Paper flowers, pop-up cards, cut paper pet portraits and wall art are all fair game.

Personalized Botanical Initials Papercut

Sarah designs custom wedding and anniversary gifts, event decor, personalized stationery, gift wrap, as well as dimensional models... see examples via Sarah Louise Matthews Etsy shop.

Paper Succulents

Cut Paper Peach Card

Keep her in mind if you need a gift for someone special... she is happy to work with you to create a custom design.

Jack Russell Dog Papercut

Find Sarah Matthews on Instagram and Pinterest.
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