Tissue Paper Sculpture - Patricia Chemin

Paper artists are often full of surprises. Case in point is today's featured artisan, Patricia Chemin, who lives in the Brittany region of France. She has been working almost exclusively with tissue paper for the past nine years... yes, ordinary tissue paper. Who would imagine it could be turned into objects of such beauty?

Tissue Paper Bowl by Patricia Chemin

Self-taught and one who has always loved to create, Patricia told me she was drawn to tissue for its lightness and the delicacy required in its use and manipulation.

Tissue Paper Flowers by Patricia Chemin

"I fell in love with its huge potential for transformation and its indescribable emotion when I give birth to a creation full of life from such a simple material."

Tissue Paper Cocoon by Patricia Chemin

"I realize many things... little paper people that I started to make just because I have always written stories and invented worlds with bizarre characters."

Tissue Paper Dresses by Patricia Chemin

"Inspired by nature, everyday life, literature and children, modeling tissue paper allows me to give life to my characters. I also shape chimerical dishes, cocoons, flowers and ornaments for hair."

Hair Ornaments of Tissue Paper, Tattered Books, Beads and Bronze Ornament by Patricia Chemin

While designing a display in the window of a florist friend a few years ago, it occurred to Patricia that her passion could become a profession.

Tissue Paper Cinderella's Carriage by Patricia Chemin

She manipulates tissue by crumpling, tearing, gluing, painting and repainting until an imagined form is achieved.

Tissue Paper Sculpture by Patricia Chemin

Current work is low paper relief inspired by vegetation and the sea world that is painted with acrylics, embroidered and applied to old barrel boards, as well as tissue paintings that are reinforced on fabric.

Cosmos Stitched Tissue Paper on Fabric by Patricia Chemin

"Folds become wrinkles in a face or imperfections of an object. They are central to my work and talk about my attachment to the wear and patina of time.

Fleur d'amande - Tissue Paper Flower by Patricia Chemin

Patricia's work is frequently seen in galleries and will be exhibited in Douarnenez, France at Galerie 7, July 15-31 and August 16-31, 2016. She is already creating pieces for the window of Les Enfants de Dialogues, a bookstore in the town of Brest, France for the Christmas season.

Stitched Tissue Paper Vessel by Patricia Chemin

See more of Patricia Chemin's tissue paper art on her website.

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