Collage Portraits by Annie Brandicourt

Every now and then I'll spot paper art on Instagram that simply stops me in my tracks. That was the case when I came across collage portraits of family, friends and pets that Annie Brandicourt creates with the simplest supplies - magazine pages, scissors and a glue stick - by referring to a photograph. Each one wows with expressive realism.

Paper Collage - Tate

Because I love to feature emerging talent, I wrote to Annie, a Michigan university student, to ask about her artistic path. I guessed that she is majoring in art and was curious to know if I was correct.

Magazine Collage - Isabelle

I am actually a social work major, but I do art for commission on the side, and as a much loved hobby. I began collaging in high school after taking a ton of art classes. I have always loved making things (sewing, drawing, painting, crafts, etc.) and am drawn to compiling images that tell a story.

Magazine Collage - Annie and Rami

At first I would make collages out of entire pictures, but soon started cutting the pieces smaller and smaller, so now I use them almost like paint to get shading and shadow. Derek Gores was, and still is, one of my main inspirations and role models as I began doing my own collages.

Magazine Collage - Laura

I really like to make actual things with art, especially physical things to use to decorate a room or space (for example, curtains, floor mats, pottery). I also like to draw, but collaging is more hands-on and stress relieving which I love. Each collage takes about 20-30 hours to complete.

Magazine Collage - Little Sister in Paris

Have you had the opportunity to exhibit your collages locally?

Magazine Collage - Monica
I exhibited my work first at my high school and then here in college at a local coffee shop. I also entered Art Prize this year which is a massive art show located all over the world, but specifically in Grand Rapids. While I did not win anything, it was an honor to be included as a participant.

Magazine Collage - in progress
 in progress

Are you able to fit art electives into your schedule?

Magazine Collage - Benny

I'm not taking any art classes, but my collaging serves as all the art time I could want! Especially now that I do commissions.

Magazine Collage - Couple

Where can people see more of your work?

Magazine Collage - Annie - Self Portrait

I don't have a website or a blog at this time, but loved blogging in the past and would like to begin again when I get the chance. Meanwhile, I post photos of my latest work and can be reached via Instagram where I am @collagearts101.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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