Contemporary Layered Paper Jewelry and Home Accessories - Dani Crompton Designs

Versatile artist and designer Dani Crompton describes herself as a creative who thrives on being hands-on with new and found materials. The bold ways she combines them caught my eye.

Decorative Black Glass and Newspaper Vessel - Dani Crompton Designs

Another special thing about Dani's work is its wide range. Home decor accessories - picture frames, containers and vases, to name just a few - feature a marbled appearance resulting from layers of newsprint that are compressed, shaped and sanded.

Commissioned Paper Frame - Dani Crompton Designs

Dani strives to bring life to unused objects by transforming them into new art that is functional and appreciated. For example, a plain glass vase becomes fresh and more interesting when torn paper pieces are pressed against sleek lines and combined with brightly painted wooden rings.

Decorative Glass, Wood and Paper Vase - Dani Crompton Designs

Newspaper and a stitched design give this carved wood dip dish an update while staying true to its mid-century form.

Carved Wood and Newspaper 3 Dip Dish - Dani Crompton Designs

She makes paper jewelry... just look at the beautiful texture of this sculpted bangle bracelet! And the mixed media paper and copper brooch too.
Carved Paper Bangle - Dani Crompton Designs
Circular Brooch in Paper, Copper and Wood - Dani Crompton Designs

Another side of Dani's art jewelry is intricately woven pieces made with ever-so-tiny glass beads. Sometimes she combines beadwork with layered newsprint to create statement bracelets and necklaces.

Urchin Bangle - Dani Crompton Designs

 MixUp Circle Pendant of Paper, Rubber, Newspaper, Swarovski Crystals - Dani Crompton Designs

Dani trained at London Guildhall University as a jeweler and and silversmith, and works from her home studio in South West London. She enjoys brainstorming with clients to bring their visions to life and can be contacted via her website, Dani Crompton Designs.

Mixed Links Trilogy Necklace No.3 of Glass Beading, Silver, Acrylic, Newspaper and Rubber - Dani Crompton Designs

Dani is on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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  1. These are so beautiful! Hard to believe what they are made from!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Dani's creations, Lisa, and I agree about the materials!


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