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It's dreary January; I haven't heard a bird chirp in ages. No wonder the moment my eyes landed on this colorful 3D model created by Lisa Lloyd in England, I was all yessss, onto the blog you go! She had written to tell me that Waitrose Weekend magazine had recently commissioned her to create a blue tit paper sculpture for the front cover.

Blue Tit Paper Sculpture by Lisa Lloyd

"It turns out they liked it so much they are running a competition for five readers to win a framed print of the image. It's in the shops over here now." Well, of course they liked it!

Waitrose Blue Tit 3D Model by Lisa Lloyd 
I asked Lisa if dimensional model making was her first love in the world of art. Her answer was most interesting... it turns out she had quite a varied artistic career before trying her hand at paper engineering. I'll let Lisa tell you about herself, starting with her education...

Waitrose Frushi Roll Paper Models by Lisa Lloyd
Waitrose Weekend cover image of Frushi, a fruit sushi product. Only the tray and chopsticks are not paper.

I did a national diploma in graphic design and then a visual communication degree in which I specialised in film and animation. During my final year at University, I became a runner in London for an interactive media company and taught myself After Effects which was cutting edge animation software at the time, and still is.

Small Faces Paper Model by Lisa Lloyd
3D paper soldiers as a nod to the Small Faces single, Tin Soldier

I was an animator for a few years and then became a music video director. I enjoyed working with the dops [photography directors], stylists and choreographers, and directed about seven pop videos. I eventually co-owned an animation company called Mr and Mrs Smith in Soho, London where I was creative director and oversaw lots of jobs for advertising, tv title sequences, etc.

Midnight Moth Walk 1 by Lisa Lloyd
Midnight Moth Walk 1 - a personal project about the secret lives of hedgehogs

Our house style was very tactile and so we specialized in stop frame, handmade styles, and that is when I started to fall in love with things made out of paper. The only problem was that my role had stopped me from being able to actually do any work myself and I missed it.

Avocado Paper Model by Lisa Lloyd
Avocado paper model superimposed onto a photograph of a real spoon

Eventually I left my London company and moved to Hove, a seaside town on the coast an hour out of London and started my family. This gave me a new perspective and the chance to finally try to make things myself. So between having two children and graphic design work, I've been teaching myself to make paper models.

The Food Tourist by Lisa Lloyd
The Food Tourist - paper models and 2D elements celebrate culinary differences around the world

There's been a lot of trial and error in learning how paper behaves and finding my style. I know I'm not quite there yet and am constantly trying to improve. I bought a good camera and flash kit so I could photograph my designs. That was a steep learning curve too, and I still feel frustrated that I'm not getting the best out of the models!

Davison Highley 50s Chair by Lisa Lloyd
  Davison Highley 50's chair - foamboard, firm card stock, and paper

I now have an agent, Eye Candy, who helps me find work. My main source of income still comes from graphic design which I love, but my passion is creating things out of paper.

Mixed Media MAC Lipstick Ad Featuring 3D Paper Models - Lisa Lloyd
Mixed media test project combines photography, paper, 2D elements and a product

Lisa Lloyd blogs and is on Instagram and Vimeo.

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  1. Wow! She thinks she's "not quite there yet"! Her work is incredible. The Waitrose cover is simply gorgeous.

  2. I just took a look at her Vimeo page. Don't miss the animated story about the genie who needs a new home - adorable!

  3. Handmade, I know... her modesty is refreshing!

  4. Wow, I love the red and white torus hearts!! How appropo for Valentines day!!! pixiedustcentral@gmail.com


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