Make Printer Paper Gerbera Daisies

While visiting Craftgawker recently, my eye was drawn to a clever paper diamond ring. The link took me to Dreamy Posy, a paper crafting site started by blogger and video content creator Anh in Vietnam. Not only are her photos gorgeous, but her videos are brief, detailed, and a joy to watch. Believe it or not, Anh is new to paper crafts, but the quality of her work tells me she's a natural! "As I live in the East and don't know what Western people think or which seasonal crafts are suitable to make at this time, I make with my own inspiration."

I asked her to share a tutorial here as a way of introducing her website and YouTube channel.

white paper gerbera daisy

Luckily for us, she agreed right away and designed this free-form bouquet of paper gerbera daisies, dusty miller and baby's breath, just right for a rustic wedding. The subtle colors and dusty miller foliage are perfectly on trend this summer. I can't get over how real it looks, especially knowing she mainly used printer paper and ordinary tissues.

Paper Wedding Bouquet of Gerbera Daisies, Dusty Miller, and Baby's Breath

Via Anh's Summer Bridal Bouquet video you'll learn her ingenious method for shaping authentic petals and lots more.

What You'll Need

Printer paper - white
Tissues - white (ex. Kleenex)
Lightweight paper - medium green for the sepal (or painted printer paper)
Pastel chalk - lime green and yellow for the daisy centers, ivory for stamens, purple and green for fringed flowers
Watercolor paint - white, black, blue for dusty miller leaves, dark green for baby's breath
Small paint brush
Wire - 24 gauge, 20 gauge
Wooden stylus
Molding pad - Styrofoam
Drinking straw
White glue
Glue gun
Double-sided tape - 2 inch wide (5cm) for dusty miller leaves
Floral tape - green
Organza ribbon - 1.5 inch wide (4cm) - white

(Recommended supplies can be found in Ann's Amazon shop.) 

Paper Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquet Materials

1  Download the printable PDF template - includes daisy petal and sepal (also dusty miller leaf); cut out the petal and sepal segments
2  Wrap and shape the daisy center using a 0.5 inch (1.3cm) x 9 inch (23cm) strip of tissue (results in a 0.8 inch [2cm] diameter roll) and color it with lime green and yellow pastel chalk (or watercolor)
3 Insert a 24 gauge stem wire inside the rolled center and slip on the straw. Apply hot glue to the base of the center to secure. Bend up the far end of the wire outside the straw.

Making a gerbera daisy stem

4  Cut the stamen segment using a .75 inch (2cm) x 8 inch (20cm) strip of printer paper
5  Color the stamen fringe with ivory chalk, curve the ends of the fringe with the stylus, and roll/glue it around the daisy center
6  Use the DIY trick (20 gauge wire form, wooden stylus, and Styrofoam) to shape each daisy petal
7  Glue the petals around the daisy center one at a time - 12 small petals first, then 24 large petals, staggering the large petals between the small petals
8  Use a pencil to trace the sepal segments onto medium green paper (or paint printer paper with watercolor) and cut them out. Glue the sepal segments to the stamen
9  Wrap the drinking straw stem with floral tape

Make a Dusty Miller Leaf (two sizes provided for variety)

1  Cut out the leaf templates
2  Apply double-sided tape to one half of the length of a strip of white printer paper that is the width of the leaf template and place a piece of 24 gauge wire in the center. Fold over the top half of the strip to cover the wire, making a double thickness, wired strip
3  Center a leaf template on the wire and trace around it, cut out the leaf
4  Blend white, black and blue watercolors to create a silvery light gray color; paint both sides of the leaf

Make a Fringed Flower

1  Cut a 3/4 inch (2cm) x 6 inch (15cm) strip of printer paper
2  Color it with pastel chalk (lavender or green)
3  Curl the fringe
4  Wrap the strip on a 24 gauge wire stem
5  Shape the fringe

Anh has also made a video tutorial for baby's breath

Assemble flowers and foliage into a casual bouquet. Wrap the stems with ribbon, turning the end under, and glue it in place.

Visit DreamyPosy on YouTube to see more paper craft tutorials. Anh is also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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