Green Banana Paper Eco-Friendly Slim Wallet

If terms like eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, vegan, durable, and lightweight are appealing to you when it comes to choosing a new wallet, this brand new design from Green Banana Paper has your name on it!

Slim Wallet by Green Banana Paper

Perhaps you'll recall Green Banana Paper's previous Kickstarter campaign that was introduced on the blog earlier in the year. Its very successful funding meant that the company was able to buy new industrial sewing machines. In that post, I explained that in Kosrae, Micronesia, American expat and volunteer teacher Matt Simpson had launched an innovative company that makes use of otherwise discarded banana tree trunks after harvest by recycling the fibrous material into sturdy paper.

Making banana paper

Matt explained, "Unlike hardwood fruit-bearing trees, banana plants only fruit once in their lifetime. When the bananas are ripe, farmers must chop down the entire stem so that a younger offshoot can grow from the self-replicating stem. Normally, these stems are left to decay in the jungle as a byproduct of the fruit harvest."

He recognized that creating new uses for banana trunk fiber would improve the lives of his former students and island residents. A company that produces and exports sustainable goods is a win-win situation.

Green Banana Paper Original Wallets 

The Green Banana Paper factory still produces the wallet models that were featured in the previous campaign (above). This time however, its new Kickstarter campaign focuses on the minimalist Slim Wallet for those who prefer to carry a smaller, lightweight model. Measuring 3.1 x 4.1 inches, it weighs about one-tenth of a leather bi-fold wallet, yet holds quite a lot. The interior features three card pockets, a cash slot, and an ID window... enough to contain six cards, twelve bills, and your ID. If the wallet gets wet, no worries; just let it dry.

Slim Wallet by Green Banana Paper

Visit Green Banana Paper and the new Kickstarter campaign where I think you'll be impressed by the reasonable prices and incentives. Start your holiday shopping... wallets make great gifts and come in ready-to-give packaging.

Green Banana Paper is on Instagram and Twitter

And now the international giveaway: [ENDED] One winner will receive a Green Banana Paper Slim Wallet. To enter on this post, simply leave a comment below. Note that Blogger does not allow me to see the email address you type into the form with your name, so you must include an email address within your comment so I can contact you if you win. If spam is a concern, type your address like this: janedoe at gmail dot com

The same giveaway is underway on Instagram. You may enter both places to double your chances by the end of Saturday, October 7, 2017. A winner will be chosen at random from all entries, notified, and announced at the bottom of this post and on the Instagram photo. Good luck... you just might be the recipient of a package from paradise!

Beautiful sunset in Kosrae

Congratulations to Namrata, winner of a Slim Wallet!

This post is sponsored by Green Banana Paper.

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  1. Being from Delhi the most polluted city, I am so glad to know about such an innovation. Eco-friendly products like this should be available all over the world so that we can help clean our environment.
    nammu8245@ Gmail dot com

    Cheers ��

  2. How awesome - thanks so much for sharing, and for the giveaway! kathed at gmail dot com

  3. Wow! What a great eco friendly idea. I think it's great that everyone, the natives and the environment (and hopefully me)benefit.
    marilyn.coombs at

  4. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.
    mjmarmo at comcastdotnet

  5. What a worthwhile venture...........helps everybody and the world.

    ks 865 at


  6. What a great idea!! I never realized that banana trees only bear fruit once and have to be chopped down. WOW!
    dragonswing15137 at yahoo dot com

  7. Thanks Green Banana Paper for the useful eco-friendly giveaway.
    jolea dot 1994 at gmail dot com

  8. Recycling in any form is to be applauded! Thank you!

  9. Thanks Ann and everybody for your support! We hope you all win!! But if not, please do buy one during our Kickstarter campaign - 1 for $13, 2 for $26, 5 for $60, or 10 for $110. They're great gifts and come in ready-to-give packaging! Kind regards from all of us at Green Banana Paper in Kosrae :)

  10. Love, love, love Green Banana Paper! Thanks for doing this giveaway. Natalienimmer at gmail dot com

  11. Green Banana Paper is giving us hope. Hope to believe that we can really change the world. One thing at time!

  12. It is so great that Green Banana Paper can recycle the banana tree trunks. I had no idea that those plants only bear fruit once. kaysuet at hotmail dot com

  13. The giveaway has ended - thanks to all the entrants for their Green Banana Paper enthusiasm!


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