VERSO Studio Handmade Paper Jewelry

How pretty are these cherry blossom hoop earrings by Melanie Brauner of VERSO Jewelry?! Each piece she creates is intricate and unusual... the translucent paper that Melanie makes by hand has the look of stained glass. In fact, she was recently video-interviewed by the folks at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle where her work is a perfect fit for the museum's gift shop.

Cherry Blossom Hoop Paper Earrings by VERSO Jewelry

Melanie creates VERSO jewelry by dipping hand-shaped wire forms in abaca paper fibers that are suspended in water. Often dye is added to the mixture. The fibers cling to the wire and shrink as they dry, causing a tight paper skin to build up on the form when it is repeatedly dipped on successive days. The forms are then sealed to make them water resistant and durable. Due to their handmade nature, variations occur from piece to piece, adding to the organic charm.

Chrysanthemum Paper Necklace by VERSO Jewelry

This statement necklace, a chrysanthemum in vivid shades of pink and red, is composed of waterproofed handmade paper and brass petals on a sterling silver chain.

Petal Drops Paper Earrings by VERSO Jewelry

Graceful earrings dance in the light at one of the many shows Melanie does throughout the year...

Morning Dew Paper Necklaces by VERSO Jewelry

...and delicate in appearance, yet surprisingly strong clusters of  Morning Dew petals hang on necklace chains.

Dragonfly Paper Necklaces by VERSO Jewelry

Dragonfly abaca paper and brass drops are wired to an 18" sterling silver chain with a sterling silver handmade clasp. Each paper drop is about 1" to 1.5".

Moss Green Lily Paper Earrings by VERSO Jewelry

Moss green lily earrings feature hammered sterling silver and freshwater pearl drops with sterling silver earwires.

Dewdrop Paper Earrings by VERSO Jewelry
 Ombre Dewdrop Earrings

This is a photo I took of a piece Melanie made for me a couple of years ago... it is still as beautiful today as it was when it arrived from Washington state. Called a Cocoon Necklace, the abaca-dipped copper wire beads are durable, yet lighter than air. The fine chain is sterling and the ends are capped with freshwater pearls... it's truly a conversation piece.

Cocoon Paper Necklace by VERSO Jewelry

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Cherry Blossom Paper Crown by VERSO Jewelry
Cherry Blossom Crown or Neckpiece in Blush Pink

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Giveaway ends Saturday, December 2, 2017.

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Congratulations to thefemalelion, giveaway winner!

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  1. what beautiful and unique designs for jewelry. bjudeleeatyahoodotcom

  2. These are really lovely. They have a lightness that is very attractive.

  3. These are gorgeous pieces, Ann. I am always impressed by paper artists.

    Mdoallas at aol dot com

  4. Love the ombre earrings!

  5. Who can resist a crown? Beautiful.
    ksukeena at yahoo dot com

  6. My goodness - these are so pretty and delicate!

  7. Beautiful stuff. Very creative work with a lot of patience involved. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    jolea dot 1994 at gmail dot com

  8. Oh those hoops! 💚
    lauriechouinard at comcast dot net

  9. How lovely!!
    rosemoon1984 at gmail dot com

  10. So beautiful and delicate!

    zira dot felicitari @ yahoo dot com

  11. Absolutely beautiful work. Each piece is a real work of art.
    While I love all the pieces, because I have a yard full of them every summer, the lily is my favorite.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    wme133 @ yahoo dot com

  12. I love the petal cascade design! These are wonderful pieces of unique jewelry.

  13. Such beautiful work! And I love how it is made. such detail
    regina dot pyne at gmail dot com

  14. These are fabulous!!! I love the dangle earrings and that chrysanthemum necklace is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Would love a chance to own one of these pieces of artwork!!
    adriennewantulok at gmail dot com


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