Papercut Scenes with Watercolor Illustration by Mar Cerdà

Here's something fun to get your week off to a pleasant start... miniature container scenes created with imagination and skillful precision by Mar Cerdà, a paper artist and illustrator in Barcelona. Her Instagram feed (@marillustrations) is an absolute delight as she shares photos of her work in progress and provides narrative about what prompted each one.

Miniature Papercut Parisian Scene

You might recall Mar's detailed miniature dioramas of Wes Anderson film sets that whipped around the net about two years ago. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll send you over to read this nice interview on We Heart where you'll learn what makes Mar tick.

Moonrise Kingdom Papercut Diorama
Moonrise Kingdom fans, this one's for you
Wooden box by Anna Puig

In short though, I asked her to tell us a bit about the work she creates and this was her reply:

3D Watercolor Illustrated Plants in Tins

Perhaps I could explain you that I didn't start by studying illustration but cinema, specializing in scenography, that's why I have this fascination with spaces. And one day I had the chance to illustrate a children's book for a teacher of cinema and there is where everything started!

Illustrated Miniature Parisian Papercut Scene

I didn't know anything about illustration, that's why I started working with paper cut and creating little space dioramas where to put the characters of the stories. After publishing six books I went to illustration school, so it was a little bit backwards...hehe

3D Illustrated Miniature Paper Pitcher by Mar Cerdà

3D Waterclor Illustrated Mini-Desserts by Mar Cerdà

What I enjoy most about creating little paper worlds is the freedom, the endless possibilities it has and the little tools you need for it.

3D Paper Cut Scene in Glass Jar by Mar Cerdà

Perhaps my favorite step is when I start cutting the drawing, this is the first step to 3D and I love it.

Illustrated Papercut Diorama in Progress by Mar Cerdà

Watercolor Illustrated Miniature Room Diorama by Mar Cerdà

This is a completed view of a miniature room Mar created for @ad_germany that was composed entirely of paper hand painted with watercolor. Take a tour of the room that was inspired by architect Henry van der Velde complete with a wallpaper design by Thorne Prikker.

Watercolor Illustrated Tropical Paper Necklace by Mar Cerdà

Mar also enjoys creating paper jewelry decorated with hand painted scenes.

La La Land Dimensional Watercolor Illustration by Mar Cerdà
La La Land illustration for Entertainment Weekly

Mar Cerdà is on Instagram.

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  2. This is absolutely amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing Mar´s work with us!!
    Have a nice week Ann!!!

  3. These are amazing and sooo much them !!

  4. So glad you all enjoyed seeing Mar's art! I'm a fan for sure.


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