45 Spectacular Paper Sculptures

Is there anything hotter than unicorns at the moment? All the more reason to start this paper sculpture round up with a beautiful winged one by Ollanski! His work has been featured on this site a few times over the years. In fact, all of the images you see here (in no particular order) are from previous posts. Click the artist's name under each photo to be taken to the original feature where you'll see more of their amazing work.

Paper Sculpture Winged Unicorn

45 Spectacular Paper Sculptures
Paper Sculpture Rescue Dog

Paper Sculpture Sea Illustration
Marina Adamova

Paper Sculpture Lady Darth Vader Helmet
Cris Wiegandt

Paper Sculpture Dog
Patty Grazini
 Paper Sculpture Fly Agaric no.1
 Kate Kato

Paper Model American Robin
Diana Beltran Herrera

Paper Sculpture Deer, Spool, and Scissors Models
Andy Byers

Paper Sculpture Long Tailed Hummingbird
Zack Maclaughlin

Large-scale Paper Sculpture
Jae Ko

Paper Sculpture Distressed Girl
Sher Christopher

Paper Sculpture Sheep in Times Square Installation
 Kyu Seok Oh

Paper Sculpture Blue Tit Bird
Lisa Lloyd

Paper Sculpture Mitten
Cecilia Levy

 Paper Sculpture Woman
 Deborah Baldizar

Spiraled Paper Sculpture
Gunjan Aylawadi

Paper Sculpture Bento Boxes
Yoko Kogami

Paper Sculpture Native American Figures
Allen and Patty Eckman

Paper Sculpture Fiery Topaz Hummingbird
Jose Suris IV

Paper Model Pop-up Pinball Machine
Rob Kelly

Paper Sculpture Sea Creatures
 Daryl Ashton

Paper Sculpture Onion Dome
Lene and Anna Schepper

Paper Sculpture Wigs
Jeffery Rudell 

Paper Model Vintage Jukebox
Jacqueline Wagner

Paper Sculpture Polar Bears
 Calvin Nicholls

Paper Sculpture Cardboard Rounds
Jason Schneider

Paper Sculpture Woven Tornado
Erin Turner

Paper Sculpture Man
Emma Hardy

More round ups in this series - peruse and pin to your heart's content:

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations!
    Have a lovely 8 March!

  2. These are just astounding :-o

  3. Trabalho maravilhoso.De encher os olhos.
    Nunca vi este trabalho de perto, deve ser muito mais bonito.


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