Minimal Vase DIY Project from Paper Craft Home

As promised in my previous post that featured the new book Paper Craft Home by Sarah Louise Matthews, here is one of my favorite projects found within its pages... Roost Books has shared the complete instructions and template to make this faceted Minimal Vase.

Folded Paper Vases with Flowers
Stylish and modern!

Tools and Materials

Paper Crafting Tools and Materials

1. 11 3/4 x 16 1/2 inch (A3) sheet of light card
2. X-acto knife
3. Cutting mat
4. Metal ruler
5. Scissors
6. Embossing tool
7. Bone folder
8. Tacky glue
9. Small glass

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Access the template via Flickr. Click the download arrow found at the lower right corner of your screen, choose Original size, Save File, and print at 100%. It will fit on one sheet of letter-sized paper, however, the finished vase will be smaller than the ones shown in the example photo. If you would like your finished vase to match the example, print it at 128% as stated on the template (will fit on a ledger/tabloid sheet of paper; take the file to any print shop).
Folded Paper Vase Instructions

To Make:

Paper Craft Minimal Vase Template

1. Using the template, cut out the shape using an X-acto knife, cutting mat, and metal ruler, or scissors if you prefer.

Embossing tool, ruler, and paper

2. Use an embossing tool and ruler to score the fold lines.

Folded Minimal Vase ready for glue

3. Use a bone folder to fold each scored line into a mountain fold.

Detail view of cut, scored, and folded paper
3. Detail

In-progress gluing of the paper Minimal Vase

4. Turn the creased piece over so that you are working on the back and the folds are now valley folds. Each section that splays out from the center has two tabs down one side. Work around the piece, applying a thin layer of tacky glue to the back of each tab, before attaching it to the front of the adjacent edge, aligning the crease of the tabbed piece with the edge of the adjacent side.

Folded Paper Vase and Water Glass

5. Place your glass in the paper vase, then just add water and fresh flowers!

Tip You could also use this as a pen pot, makeup brush pot, or even a plant pot (just remember to add pebbles to the bottom of the glass for drainage).

Paper Craft Home book cover

See additional pretty projects from the book. It is available via Amazon.

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  1. Very elegant, will have try it.

    1. I think so too, cate, and I also plan to make one (or lots :))


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