Make a Statement: Stunning Floral Paper Cut Jewelry

I love coming across a paper artist who is doing something completely fresh and modern. Such was the case when I spotted the lacy paper cut floral jewelry that Hong Kong artist Jeanie Ho creates in Sydney, Australia. After briefly featuring her Plucking Peonies shop earlier this season in a paper jewelry round up, this week I'm pleased to host a giveaway of Jeanie's hand cut earrings to draw even more attention to her fine work.

lacy floral cut paper earrings on silver wires

After completing art degrees in Hong Kong and Australia, Jeanie traveled to Japan where she was inspired to cut sakura (cherry) blossoms. She uses strong Yupo paper that is impervious to water and also tear resistant, and has gone on to cut interpretations of other flowers such as peonies, tulips, and chrysanthemums.

floral hoop paper earrings on model

Jeanie's statement earrings might feature just one dramatic flower on a sterling silver wire or two, three or more flowers. Each creation takes hours to complete. She offers the option of a comfortable stainless steel clip for those who don't have pierced ears.

hand cut paper brooch hand stitched on pin

But if you aren't an earring wearer at all, Jeanie has shown designs on her Plucking Peonies Instagram feed that include a floral brooch and a necklace composed of native Australian flowers.

hand cut paper necklace featuring Australian native flowers in folded paper packaging

Note that the listings in the Plucking Peonies shop are for single earrings, not pairs. This is because Jeanie designs them to be worn asymmetrically. However, she understand that some wearers would prefer a matching pair so offers that option as well. Because of the hand cut aspect though, no two earrings will look exactly the same. 

floral paper cut drop earring on model

Jeanie works full-time as an artist on paper cutting, embossing, and sometimes performance art. Her next exhibition will be in October in Hong Kong. Keep a lookout on Instagram as she will be sharing more information as the opening approaches.

three hand cut framed works hanging in gallery
Dwell in Dust

And now the WORLDWIDE giveaway! To enter to win a custom-made pair of floral earrings hand cut by Jeanie that will feature the winner's flower choice, post a comment below.

white paper cut floral clip earring on model

Note that Blogger does not allow me to see the email address you type in first, so you must also include an email address within your comment so you can be contacted if you win. Concerned about spam? Type your address this way: janedoe at gmail dot com

paper cut earring worn by model

Two chances to win: the same giveaway is underway on Instagram. Yes, you may enter both places to double your chances. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday June 16, notified, and announced here and on Instagram. 

white drop earring with two papercut flowers on model

Jeanie's website is JeanieHo. She is on Instagram and can be reached at dontpluckthepeony[at]

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, stlucyd!

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